CJ Gate: The Infallible Popes of Pakistan – by Zulifiqar Ali


One Eyed Justice. source: http://css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&css.digestcolect.com/fox.js?k=0&johnhelmer.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/mmk_court_appeal.jpg

A satirical take on the dystopia that is Pakistan’s Petit Bourgeosie and its slavish mentality to Chiefs wearing robes and uniforms.

Pakistani Pope is infallible, again. If you are one of two present ‘chiefs’, then you are nothing but innocent and infallible. But you have to be the ‘present’ army chief or ‘present’ court chief. Once you retire, then you could be either declared ‘usurper’ like Yahya, or cursed forever, like Munir. PCO judges are nothing but corrupt. Irfan Qadir objected for IC to be on the bench, because he ‘was’ a PCO judge. If you have taken PCO oath twice, then you are chaste. It is simple mathematics. Two negatives make it positive.

Justice is blind. So is chief. Blind. Just on right side. Chief never knew that there was a new Land Rover in his household. His smart son always parked it on ‘right’ side. How could he see it? He did not know about the shenanigans abroad. He was not in Monte Carlo with him. Arsalan rather preferred the company of a lady. Good decision. His family shopped at Harrods. Lived luxurious life. Pope did not know.

As soon as he ‘heard’ the rumors, he took Sou Moto. He was totally oblivious before. For weeks, country was rife with rumbles. Chief and his brother judges did not know anything. They were engrossed in pitying the nation. They always run away from media, except when tomatoes prices go up or they smell the whisky news. His comrade and friend Eitezaz even managed to get the story not published as long as chief was in UK. Many of his favorite journalists had seen the ‘unconvincing’ documents and video. No one ever told the chief. Ansar Abassi already knew about Sou Moto. He had a Freudian slip around 16 minutes in Talat’s program and said

“Inquiry iss liye hold kar RAHE haiN” (that is why (he) is holding the inquiry)

At 16:00 min by Ansar Abassi



Shaheen Sahbai said that Arsalan had also confessed himself to ‘some people’ (FIA??) and said that he (Arslan) was ready to take punishment for his mistakes. It may also tell the reason of so much haste in decision against Rehman Malik.

Almost all of the honest media is portraying him as a hero again. From erudite Sethis to ignorant Abassis are declaring them innocents because there was no ‘proof’. They never blame anyone without proof. Mr. Shami was marvelous when he said in today’s Nuqta e Nazar that fathers were either behind the corruption (PM) or target(IC). Unfortunately, it took forty year for Shami to realize that Zia’s rule was unlawful. Seems we have to wait forty more years for him to say that he was wrong again. IC has declared himself as one of the judges. Media is portraying it as Omar the Great like act. There was one thing in that case. There was irrefutable evidence in the form a child. Pope may already know such thing. He will find Arsalan guilty and give exemplary punishment. Hero, again.  More mojo to decide against you,  if you are not on the “right” side.

Who is behind all this? Who else but AZ? That is why he chose his chums like Shaheen Sehbai and Ansar Abasi to leak it. To avoid the wrath of justice (noun>verb) regular leak was done in US. God bless AZ’s enemy Eitezaz, who helped to delay the news in UK.AZ also asked IK to go abroad, so that IK does not have to side with IC. It is because of AZ’s advice also that IK has not visited the missing persons camp in front of Supreme Court. People challenged him to do so, saying that real patriots have ‘advised’ IK not to go. NS is also abroad. He always can/does help the cause from outside.



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