Sindh’s indigenous population being massacred by ethno-fascist terrorists of MQM

We condemn brutal massacre of innocent Sindhis and Balochs in Karachi by armed ethno-fascist terrorists of Altaf Hussain’s MQM.

According to BBC, at least 11 people, mostly Sindhis, died after ethno-fascist gunmen (belonging to MQM) opened fire on a indigenous Sindhis’ rally in Karachi. Three women were amongst the deceased. Thirty-five other people – including two journalists – were injured.

The procession was made up of ethnic Sindhi parties who were denouncing proposals for a new province by Altaf Hussain’s MQM militants. Ethnic Sindhis, who mostly live in rural areas, have warned that attempts to divide the southern province of Sindh could lead to widespread violence. Shafiq Baloch, who was taking part in Tuesday’s rally, told the BBC the shootings happened as marchers approached the city centre.

“As soon as we crossed the street, we were fired on. I cannot tell you how many of our young men got injured. You can see my bloodied clothes as I have picked up many bodies myself.”

The rally was a response to recent demands for a separate province for the Muhajir Urdu-speaking ethnic group. The group dominates much of urban Sindh – including Karachi – through the MQM political party.

MQM leaders deny they have anything to do with the demand for a separate province – although they maintain Karachi should remain administratively separate from Sindh.

This stance is opposed by Sindhi nationalist groups and has led to increasing turmoil in the city.

Today’s massacre cannot be seen in isolation from the following:

1. The ongoing massacre and persecution of Sindhi intellectuals, politicians and activists;

2. The demand of a Saraiki province by the elected representatives in national and provincial assemblies of Pakistan. Enemies of the Sarikistan province want to neutralize this demand by creating mayhem and spilling blood in the name of Muhajir Sooba, Bahawalpur Sooba and Hazara Sooba;

3. The formation of a mysterious Muhajir Sooba movement on the behest of Altaf Hussain’s MQM and Punjabi-Muhajir dominated military establishment.

We note with concern that the majority of Pakistani activists, bloggers and writers on social media and mainstream media kept mum on the massacre of 11 Sindhis today including three women by the MQM terrorists.

We also note that certain propagandists of MQM and Punjabi military establishment are trying to shift the blame of today’s Sindhi Massacre to the victims, e.g., by blaming the Peoples Aman Committee comprising Sindhis and Balochs.

We condemn today’s massacre and demand the federal and provincial governments to arrest the MQM leaders and terrorists responsible for Sindhi massacre in Karachi.



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