How can anyone stand with Ejaz Haider and Najam Sethi and proclaim themselves to be liberal? – by Mustafa Junejo

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I simply cannot understand how anyone can stand with Ejaz Haider and Najam Sethi and not comprehend the intellectual dishonesty and the wilful obfuscation of facts by these two people.

Ejaz Haider’s latest rubbish against Prof Hoodbhoy is there for all to see. It has been beautifully taken apart by Rusty Walker in a recent post at LUBP.

After all, this is the same person who has distorted the serious issue of Baloch and Shia Genocide. For him, the embattled Shias of Quetta are Iranian Fifth columnists – a point of view that is straight out of a Sipah-e-Sahaba pamphet!

His advocacy for Hafiz Saeed as well as his advocacy against Dr. Afridi for the latter’s role in apprehending an international terrorist and mass murderer OBL are a matter for public record.

Same is the case with his abusive email against President Zardari. How can this man ever be a liberal?

Similarly, how can anyone call Najam Sethi a liberal? The same person who contradicts himself at convenience but mantains a racist, Punjabi centric discourse that is bitterly against the Pakistan Peoples Party. Why do people forget his seemingly treacherous act against his own comrades in 1976 when he was flying around in a military helicopter. Or his promotion of a deeply controversial and contentious book that seeks to diminish the role in Bengal genocide of 1971. Not to mention his racist views against Pashtuns that were highlighted on twitter and LUBP.

After all, this is the same Najam Sethi who collaborated with army and a traitor to unseat an elected government. If that was not enough, he even served in the following caretaker administration as a minister. His advocacy for a biased pro-establishment judiciary and for trying to portray them and Nawaz Sharif as “anti-establishment” reeks of both bias and intellectual dishonesty.

But for some people, these two characters will always remain liberal. This is truly a sad state of affairs. In the long run, this will not support the dubious liberal credentials of Sethi and Ejaz.

In the long run, this is to diminish the credibility of those who insist on supporting them due to a bizarre sense of tribalism. Just as standing with the establishment-sponsored HDP activists who are doing their best to misrepresent Shia Genocide in Quetta and insist on calling it as “ethnic violence” thereby separating themselves from the rest of the Shias in Pakistan and deflecting criticism away from their ISI-backed LeJ operatives who are killing Hazaras in Quetta because of their Shia faith.

The growing nexus between the psuedo-liberals and the ghairatmands is the worst kept secret in Pakistan and is now being celebrated publically on social media (twitter).  It is sad to see those who are supporting this nexus and championing anti-Ahmadi bigots like Hamid Mir.

Marvi Sirmed ji, I was shocked to see your tweets in favour of Ejaz Haider and Najam Sethi. Personally I don’t consider them liberals and would feel very uncomfortable in defending the persons with tarnished track record and compromised professional and ethical standards. Nonetheless, it is your choice to stand with them just as it is my choice to expose their dishonesty!



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