DSP Babar’s arrest, treatment leaves mark on cops in Lahore

* Senior police officers say issue could have been better managed
* Babar’s treatment creates rift in police circles, some oppose suspended DSP, others support him

By Shahnawaz Khan

LAHORE: The arrest and the subsequent alleged third degree investigation methods – that include torture – used on suspended Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Imran Babar Jamil have created unrest among policemen, many of whom have been taken aback by the treatment that Babar has received.

Sources told Daily Times that the registration of four cases against Babar has raised many eyebrows in the police department and that the move has been warmly received by the department’s CSP class.

Managed: Senior police officers said the issue could have been managed in a “better way” and that the entire police force had been humiliated. They said several police officials had faced suspensions under more severe charges, “but they were not humiliated the way Babar was”.

Rift: The issue has been the hot topic in almost every police circle for the past one week. Some sympathise with the suspended DSP, while others oppose him for making statements against his seniors. Several policemen, requesting anonymity, said, “The allegations that the DSP levelled against his seniors are a routine practice in the department, but he (DSP) betrayed and badly damaged the repute of the department as a whole, due to which the high ups decided to make an example out of him.”

However, other police officials said, “This is unjust… the police department is already known for inventing different ways of corruption, extra judicial killings and torture. Now this incident will increase anti-police sentiments among the masses. Media reports had led public opinion in favour of the suspended DSP and the public now believes that Babar is the first one to have been brave enough to blow the whistle on police corruption.” Sources in the Lahore Police Department said there were various examples of police high ups abusing and manhandling their subordinates. At times they have also ordered for the arrests and registration of cases against their juniors. Quoting past examples, the sources said, “Some years ago, several lower cadre cops from Qillah Gujjar Singh Police Lines had forwarded an anonymous application to their high ups against their senior and warned that they would throw a hand grenade in the office of the high up in question if he was not transferred.”

“Similarly, an SP had directed his subordinates to publicly assault and beat a station house officer (SHO) in his own police station for disobeying the SP,” they added.

DSP Imran Babar Jamil was arrested from a hotel located in Shadman on Tuesday, where he had come on the request of one of his former colleagues for “reconciliation”.

Source: Daily Times



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