Back to square one – by Faizi Mughal

A political system usually has two choices, one option leads towards autocracy and other towards, rule by the people that is democracy. There could be no other third option. The entire civilized world believes that democracy is the best way to rule and dictatorship is the taint. All the political schools of thoughts in Pakistan also believe that democracy is the smooth road to lead a nation but it is unfortunate that Pakistan was more dominated by the uniformers and the only reason behind was aspirations to rule, by hook or by crook. The political forces too were always found engaged in tug ‘o’ war, to enter in corridors of power and for the very purpose, they never hesitated to crouch before dictatorship. It had happened in the past and once again the same drama is being re-played, with few new characters.

It was not the first time that sacrifices were rendered for democracy, Pakistan’s history is replete with such examples, and PPP no doubt championing the race, two matchless leaders and several worth able workers, sacrificed their lives just to uphold public rule. Definitely for PPP and its incumbent leaders, democracy means something other than those chanting mere slogans of democracy. This was the sole reason that PPP always negated dictatorial rule. The sequence of incidents, laminating much maligned NRO and reconciliation with Mian Nawaz Sharif was the part of same love for democracy that Bhutto and his followers had and have. One must confess that it was the acumen of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed that democracy returned to this country, she did what civil society, media, and other political parties could not.

However, Pakistan witnessed a new son of democracy after prolonged night of dictatorship, through dialogues and a reconciliation ordinance. Those who were in political asylum returned to country, politically motivated cases were quashed, and sacked judges were released. Everything was acceptable for those who flee to Saudi Arabia and for those who were in detention at the time when NRO was inked down, because it benefitted them. There was no flaw in this ordinance and it was a perfect deal for them, at that time. However, after the martyrdom of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari supported the tumbling boat of Pakistan and saved country from disintegration but suddenly scene changed and NRO was struck down by Judiciary and same political parties benefited from this ordinance declared it a draconian law.

For a moment, we suppose it was a black law, it must be smacked down. Zardari should be sent back behind bars, with same fabricated and political motivated cases, but at the same time Mian Nawaz Sharif should also flew back to Saudi Arabia and dwell with his Saudi masters, Judiciary, that is also reinstated as a result of NRO, indirectly or directly must resume their detention and Musharraf must be called back to beat nation with stick of autocracy. Isolating Zardari, as sole beneficiary from NRO is totally unjust. Judiciary too was reinstated as a result of return of a democratic Govt, that advent as a result of NRO, so Judiciary is also indirect beneficiary of this ordnance and most vocal against this ordinance, Mian Sahib is also major beneficiary, had there been no NRO, he would not have returned to this country. If Zardari is punished for being a beneficiary of NRO, then all these entities must be held accountable.



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