Shia Genocide Report: 58 Shia Muslims target killed in Pakistan in January 2012

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We have now spent considerable time in compiling and presenting a relatively comprehensive data on attacks on Shia Muslims in the first month of 2012.

Total killed 58 Sindh 13 Balochistan 6 Punjab 36 KP 2 GB 1 FATA ?
Total Injured 67 Sindh 5 Balochistan 0 Punjab 59 KP 2 GB 1 FATA ?
Total attacks 32 Sindh 15 Balochistan 4 Punjab 7 KP 3 GB 3 FATA ?

Based on January 2012 statistics, the projected number of deaths per year could be somewhere in the vicinity of 500 to 800 Shia Muslims killed per year. Number of those injured could be estimated to be between 700 and 1000 Shias.

In terms of total number of attacks in January 2012, Sindh, Karachi in particular, was most problematic (15 attacks out of total 32), however, in terms of total deaths, Punjab proved to be most deadly province (36 out of 58 deaths). This, however, is no surprise given the fact that ISI-sponsored Difa-e-Pakistan Council (a union of anti-Shia parties) is most active in Punjab and also the fact that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s government is in an unannounced political alliance with the Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (ASWJ).

The following sources have been used in compiling this report:

  1. Shia Killing:
  2. Shaheed Foundation:
  3. Karbala-e-Quetta:
  4. Let Us Build Pakistan:
  5. Pakistan Blogzine:

It is acknowledged that due to paucity of resources and lack of communication networks in many areas, not all incidents of Jihadi-sectarian attacks on Shia Muslims have been recorded in this report. For example, no data on Shia killings in Parachinar and other areas in FATA is included in this report. However, we have taken utmost care in presenting an honest and objective picture of attacks on Shias in Pakistan.

We hope that rights activists, including Shia and other rights activists, human rights groups and media organizations will use this report as a model for compiling and publishing consolidated data on the silent genocide of Shia Muslims currently taking place in Pakistan since late 1980s. We also hope that Pakistani as well as international media persons will break their silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan and pressurize Pakistan government, particularly Pakistan’s military establishment, to refrain from supporting the Jihadi-sectarian organizations which are killing Shia Muslims.

The excel sheet of the following data can be downloaded from the following link. Activists and human rights groups may use this model to compile data for previous years and subsequent months and years.

Summary of attacks on Shias in Pakistan – Jan 2012 (download)

Date Province Place Event Killed (Number) Injured (Number) Details of killed (name, age, gender, profession) Details of injured (name, age, gender, profession) Remarks
05-Jan-12 Balochistan Quetta Target killing 1 0 Ghulam Abbas Bangash, ASI Police, 35 The incident occurred on 5th January 2012, at Nawa kali, in front of Labour colony gate. Originally of Hangu.
05-Jan-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Target killing 1 0 Ibrahim Astori , DSP Police He was attacked at around 06:30 P.M near Nagarel Kashrote link road Biltistan, near his house. He was the resident of Astore district and was involved in many cases like case of Shaheed Asad Zaidi in which he had to record his statement in the court in the next few days. He was DSP Investigations.
05-Jan-12 Punjab Lahore Target killing 1 2 Mashkoor Hussain Imamia Colony
07-Jan-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Murder attempt 0 1 Hameed Karim Gilgit, Kashorte, Ahsan Ali Road
07-Jan-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Target killing 1 0 Dr Jamal Kidnapped on 2 November. Originally from Parachinar. Resident of Hayatabad
08-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Failed bomb attack 0 0 2 time bombs planted were detected and disposed by Police in the way of Shia procession in Karachi, Malir 15
08-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 2 Ghulam Raza, 35, his aunt. Khadda Market, Naya Abad
09-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 Kalb-e-Abbas Rizvi, 50 Sirjani Town, Karachi
12-Jan-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Attack on house 0 0 Sabir Hussain House burnt
12-Jan-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Murder attempt 0 1 Muhammad Shakil Shakil is a Shia activist. He was attacked after he exited the city courts.
12-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Syed M. Mushtaq Zaidi The incident occurred at U.P more at about 11:00 am
13-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 1 Mushtaq, 50 UP more
15-Jan-12 Punjab Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan Bomb attack 34 50 Name of some of the martyrs are:  1-  Ghulam Abbas 2-  Faiz Hussain 3-  Abad Hussain 4-  Zahid Abba 5-  Asad Abbas 6-  Mureed Hussain 7-  Akhter Hussain 8-  Mohammed Ashaq
9-  Khezhar Hayat 10- Amjad Hussain  11- Sadam Hussain 12- Abad Hussain 13- Aatif 14- Adnan  15- Faisal Hayat 16- Tahir Abbas 17- Syed Hussain 18- Qurban Hussian etc
Names of some of the innjured persons are as follows: 1-  Majjad 2-  Ghulam Sarwar  3-  Arasha 4-  Mubeen  5-  Muzzamil  6-  Umear din  7-  Nadar  8-  Farhan 9-  Fedha 10- Asad ali 11- Ejaz 12- Jameel 13- Wahaid bux 14- Nadir hussain 15- Sabar hussain 16- Arshad ali 17- Mehboob alem 18- Sarkar hussain 19- Mehboob ali 20- Ali hussain 21- Riaz ahmed  22- Zeeshan 23- Sarfaraz 24- Abad parvaiz etc Planted bomb exploded when Arbaeen (Chehlum) procession reached near Darkhuasti chowk. The shohada include 12 members of the same family belonging to Gul Kala including 2 ladies and a female child, who  among others, had joined the procession. The blast occurred when momineen were leaving Darbar-i-Hussainia on Shahi Road near the city police station to join the procession.
15-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Ghulam Raza, 35 He was injured in an attack on 8 January at Khadda Market, died on 15 Jan.
16-Jan-12 Punjab Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan Failed bomb attack 0 0 During the protest of the 15 Jan blast. a bomb was found at graveyard where the martyrs of previous day’s blast were about to be buried, the bomb was disposed by the bomb disposal squad
16-Jan-12 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan Bomb attack 1 0 Ghulam Qadir Ghulam Qadir got injured in a massive blast in Khanpur targeting the Chehlum procession. He sustained injuries after the blast and couldn’t recover from it. He passed away in Sheikh Zaid hospital Rahim Yar Khan.
16-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Muhammad Pasha, 25  He was a police constable. He was targeted at Paposh Nagar.
17-Jan-12 Balochistan Hub Target killing 1 0 Moosa Khan He was a guard at a local imambaragah in Jam Colony.
18-Jan-12 Balochistan Quetta Target killing 1 0 Nisar Ahmed, 50 The incident occurred on Saryab Road when he was returning back from his shop to his home.
19-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing, attack on house 1 0 Ehteshanm, 16 Ehtasham was slaughtered (throat slit from body) when SSP terrorists attacked him by entering his house in New Karachi
20-Jan-12 Punjab Lahore Judicial terrorism 0 0 Killer of hundreds of Shias, Malik Ishaq of LeJ, released by Lahore High Court
22-Jan-12 Punjab Jhang Attack on Shia procession 0 7 Firing at Imam Hasan’s martyrdom procession in Garh Maharaja, Jhang
22-Jan-12 Punjab Okara Attack on Shia procession 0 0 SSP-LeJ terrorists harassed the Shia procession at Ghausia Chowk, chanted anti-Shia slogans
23-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 1 Asif Karbalia Gurumandir
23-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Ali Hussain, 20 Killed near Karsaz
24-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Attack on Mosque / Imambargah 0 0 Attack on Baghdadi Imambargah, Basho Imambargah, in Naya Abad, Lyari, Attack on Shias’ houses, Desecration of Shi Alam.
25-Jan-12 Balochistan Quetta Target Killing 3 Wilayat Hussain, 50, FIA inspector; FIA inspector; Abid Ali Nawazish, 35, Actor; Anwar Ali, 60, poet They were short dead at Mechongi road, Quetta
25-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 3 1 Shakeel Jafri;  Kafeel Jaffri;  Badar Muneer Jafri (all three were lawyers) Babar (lawyer) Firing at Pakistan chowk on a car. Father, son, nephew.
28-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Dr. Jaffer Mohsin, 55 At 9:30 A.M, he was killed at his doorstep when some militants open fire over him. He was patron of Aal-e-Aba trust
30-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Taseer Abbas Zaidi, 25 He was on the way to his office, He was working in a fast food company. Federal B. Area (Ancholi Society)
31-Jan-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I. Khan Target killing 1 1 Malik Ghulam Ahmed Hussain, 38 Tabaruk Hussain Malik Ghulam Ahmed embraced martyrdom when yazidi force opened fire on him on his car mechanic shop.
31-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Naeem Ali, 23 Originally from Gilgit, he had arrived in Karchi only a week ago. He was killed in Hazara Goth, Gulistan-e-Jauhar area.

We do not claim the above report to be free of omissions and errors. Please don’t hesitate to provide your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.

Let’s hope one day we will be able to build a Pakistan in which everyone is equally valued and respected notwithstanding her or his belief, ethnicity, gender etc.


Video on Shia genocide in Pakistan and a message to Pakistan’s Chief Justice and Chief of Army Staff

From Gilgit to Karachi, Quetta to Parachinar and Karachi to D.I.Khan, Shia Muslims are being target killed in all provinces and areas of Pakistan. However, Pakistan’s judiciary, army, media, civil society and politicians either remain silent or misrepresent the Shia genocide. This video is a message to all of them particularly to the champions of justice and national security.

Kia tum bhool gaye? Pakistani media’s silence on Shia genocide



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