Ansar Abbasi unveils Mansoor Ijaz’s letter to CJ – by Raza Baloch

The top investigator of The News and Jang group of publications and electronic media’s top observer Ansar Abbasi has unveiled the letter written by Mansoor Ijaz the main character of Memo scandal to the Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry.

During last hearing the CJ announced regarding that personal and secret letter and told the Hussain Haqqani’s consel that the letter was personal to CJ and he was not much sure that all things in letters was reliable. CJ threatened the counsel that the letter was sealed by joint decision of the 9 members of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The CJ also tried to say that the Supreme Court would use that letter at any stage.

Ansar Abbasi is very famous in getting secrets about misappropriations, corruptions, examination marks etc and unveiling Mansoor Ijaz’s letter to our Chief Justice will included him among the world’s top journalists in investigative journalism.

No need to go in depth please read this letter below.

“Top Secret and Personal

Date: ***********
Dear Choudhri Iftakhar Ahmed
Chief Justice of Pakistan

Here is Mansoor Ijaz writing this secret and personal letter in Pakistani English understandable to you without referring English-Urdu dictionary or friends good in American colloquial English.

Wish to admire your support in my interest and Pakistan’s National Interests. I think you are well aware regarding my interests and I am also well aware Pakistan’s National Interests but the person Hussain Haqqani is totally anti-PNI. Once my friend Pasha showed interest to visit me in 2009, I dedicated three days for him and arranged his trip. I welcomed him on Dubai Airport and led him to Thailand then London and then USA. In Thailand I showed him several sex shows in night clubs and in London I led him various types of clubs. While reached in a state in USA (will disclose later) I asked him whether he was happy with what he saw and acted in Thailand and London but Pasha was observed not much happy. In USA I wanted to please him because he was my special guest from Islamic Jhamooria Pakistan and head of the ISI (I actually dislike ISI but Pasha is very good in his personal conduct) therefore we spent one evening in a veteran or old age gay (not guy) club incidentally. Oh my God! I don’t want to disclose at this stage.

Dear Choudhri Sahab I don’t how Haqqani came to know that we both were in a gay club? That meant that he was spying mine and general Pasha’s activities. How unreliable person Haqqani is? I therefore request you that keep this point in mind for further investigation into Memogate.

Dear Choudhri Sahab I am very displeased that you had appointed a Kazi as a Chairman of Memo Judicial Commission, actually I don’t like because he is bearded and even don’t like his mustaches. I like your mustaches very much and I wish to see my mustaches like yours in coming summer. I like your eyes too but not Kazi’s.

But I am confident that after two months you are going re-handle this case and I am sure that you will visit me in USA. I had arranged three day visit for Pasha but you are honorable for me and the nation of Pakistan therefore I can dedicate at least full week with week end days too. I think May of 2012 (summer) will be good for us to discuss personally on the memo issue and on the week end will surely visit (naturist or nude Beaches) there. Note please never share this with my counsel Akram Sheikh, I do not want to see him nude and nation of the USA do not want to see him nude, Never…..Never. You know if naturist will see him nude in a sunny day what will happen? Oh my God they will start believing in Charles Robert Darwin’s (1809-1882) rubbish theory that human were evolved from monkey. So please honorable CJ never share with him. And I am sure that if you will share with him regarding our nude beach trip he certainly will jump in and then it will be difficult for you to avoid him.

Dear Choudhri you know that I was born out side Pakistan but my ancestors were from Pakistan and they were also Choudhris and devoted to PNI and I swear that I want to prove myself as good Pakistani.

You know recently Shahbaz Sharif also has written a secret letter to me. I want to share with you conditionally that you will never share it to members of larger bench and the commission on memo gate. Please promise?
Shahbaz offered me to come to visit him in his home somewhere in Lahore. Shahbaz referred in his letter a quote from person from MQM called Wasim or Akhtar or something in which he had praised about the Mujra system in Punjab. He has mentioned that his son (new in politics) wants to beat Nawaz Sharif’s daughter in politics so his son wanted to utilized my expertise as wrestling commentator and to upgrade and westernize the traditional Mujra system in Punjab. But you know Sir? That I have not replied him because he is powerless even in Punjab and Rehman Baba is cleverer than Hussain Haqqani.

Dear Sir I wish to see you as president of Pakistan and Shahbaz as Prime Minister (not Nawaz! Will discuss during coming summer in USA, not now) than I will come to congratulate you, Shahbaz and our coalition partner Imran Khan.

Again I would like to emphasize that please don’t share this letter with any body and if any thing is unclear please write me directly and especially the your summer trip to naturist beaches in USA with Akram Sheikh, The Bushy Man, really I do not like him. Actually Nawaz Sharif ditched me……Nawaz has to apologies with USA nation and me not by writing letter but openly on Geo News in Kamran Khan’s programe.

Wish to continue sharing by letters and see you physically in coming summer.

Pay my regards to General Kiyani

Good by and Allah Hafiz

Your faithful and lover

Choudhri Mansoor Ijaz



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