The exploiters and the faithful -by Zeeba Hashmi

This is about the illusions we create about our shaky existence in a world that demands conformity to homogeneous institution we know as religion. With variation in human perceptions, to consider somebody’s lie as an absolute truth and legislate non-compliance as a punishable crime rapes freedom, individuality and soul of all those who refuse to subscribe to such unnatural bidding.

There is no peace. There is just open confrontations, chaos, revenge and perhaps, bloodshed.

Perception of any god/s, comes with associations. They can’t be perceived without an idea of personal revenge. And to link this personal revenge with universality have been, as has been seen throughout history, successively tragic for civilizations.

This can be blamed on primary denial of how god is actually a creation of our mind. What he universally wants to be depicted as, especially because of his powers to grant punishment and reward, as our absolute truth. Absolutism is delusional, and in a way sadist to the very human understanding that desires simplicity, but needs deliberate vagueness to ensure convenient suitability.

But when this ambiguity is implied as divinity, it only suits a particular influential class who lobby into mainstream to dictate their needs to be fulfilled through certain hegemonic control.

Yes, in a way, humans themselves are gods, and they have always transgressed each others liberties to show competition and power, to exploit the weak (the weak are actually the ones who claim to be stronger in their faith—because for them strict adherence and containment within religious constraints is crucial to ensure their loyalty).

It is but a power play between the weak and the strong (those who know how to manipulate sanctimonious fear of the weak and use them rather as puppets for their advantage)

Divisions, bigotry and control:

But then again, what is it that keeps us apart? What about those who don’t want to remain in any of the domain belonging to the exploiters and the exploited decreed through man-made laws in the land controlled for gains?

There are narratives set for those who pose as a challenge to such authority, merely by their very existence. You walk to a typical office in Lahore and witness how indifferently you are to behave when majority of workforce share demeaning jokes about religious minorities here. So many incidents have we come across of murder, rape, public lynching, arson, land seizures, alleging serious charges of blasphemy and forced conversions to a religion?

What about the linguistics that have shaped itself to new bigoted annotations that call for alienation and complete subjugation of those who do not confer to the mainstream religion.

With militants allowed to band together to be used as proxies against the vulnerable to entertain their far-fetched goals? How do we relate our loyalty if we start bringing less people friendly contexts that define to serve loyalty to the institution more?



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