Everybody has a plan! – by Nargis Khan

Mr. Nawaz Sharif has a plan. Well, he has always had a plan but this time he believes his plan will succeed. The PPP led government will indeed topple. His plan seems fool proof. And though he may want to sugarcoat the fact all he wants, it will be through another band of uniformed men. Substitute the boot for the black coat, and there you go, that is the perfect recipe for getting rid of President Zardari without attracting criticism of using extra constitutional methods.


While Mr. Sharif is sure of the success of his plan, he also knows at whose behest this plan has come into being, and he is uncomfortable with it. He knows that underneath the voluminous folds of the black coat is a cleverly hidden boot. A steel toed boot which might give him his heart’s desire for a few happy months but which will ultimately be jammed down the throat of democracy. Mr. Sharif will get his wish of getting rid of President Zardari at the cost of his desire, a true democracy. It is truly a tough choice for him.

Mr. Nawaz Sharif could do well to pay heed to the words of Mike Tyson. Tyson is no sage, but even he learned something about the best laid plans, a lesson Mr. Sharif seems to have forgotten. The lesson that if these games continue, in the end we all lose, especially the PMLN, which could be at the receiving end of just such a cleverly plotted game. So here goes Mr. Sharif, with all due respect and with an earnest desire to see you not succumb to your wish at the cost of your desire:

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

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