The Bangladesh model and the lessons for Pakistan


Military Mullah Alliance’s new hope: The Bangladesh model in Pakistan?

[1100548082-2.gif](Abbas Ather, Express, 1 January 2009, Common Lesson from the Bangladesh Model)


The Bangladesh model and the lessons for Pakistan By Marcvs_Tacitvs_Cicero.

1. That the Army leadership is not very creative and original. Their plan of attack n Pakistan and Bangladesh is invariably the same. Especially for Army Leaders with links to the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul.

2. That the only way the Army leadership can be enticed to stick to their duties is pinching them where it hurts: Their wallets. In Bangladesh this pressure came from the UN and the promising prospects of Defence Housing Authorities, companies and factories financed with UN funds finally convinced Gen Moeen to stay his hand.

3. That Pakistan Army may STILL try to implement a similar Bangladesh Model in Pakistan by exiling all the political leaders once again and carving a Q League out of PPP this time. They may even come on the promise of restoring judiciary with Imran Khan and Qazi’s support.

4. That it is absolutely futile for the people to expect the Army to deliver on promises like this. There are still elements in Pakistan that hope Gen Kiyani would rise to the bait and oust the PPP leadership. These elements believe that the Pakistani public would be duped again in their hatred of PPP to forget what Gen Musharraf brought with him: Specimens like the Chaudhry brothers, Sheikh Rasheed, Tariq Aziz, Arbab Ghulam Rahim and thousands like him.

5. That no matter how bad it seems in the present, the Army would succeed in making it worse. Looking back from Musharraf’s period of misrule, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s period looks practically halcyon with regards to internal stability, no insurgency, national sovereignty and dignity.

6. That the only way to right the wrongs of today is to VOTE right tomorrow. Never let the Generals dupe this country again out of OUR right to oust these scoundrels. Remember, the General that comes to replace Zardari will combine his worst qualities and add some of his own.

Ghost of TK says:

January 1st, 2009 at 2:12 am

I don’t know about the Bangla Jurnails, but ours haven’t learned a damn thing. It seems clear to me that ‘the retreat’ is a tactical one and the so called ‘democratic forces’ have done NOTHING in the last year to consolidate the gains.

As far as appeal to good sense, rationality and well being of the Pakistani Nation is concerned, their empty slogans not-withstanding, the jurnails are simply as craven, greedy and ravenous as ever.

The falling numbers in the IRI survey are an indicator that the agencies are using this ‘lull’ in their personal-phone-tapping-operations well and are busy working the gullible herd that is the Pakistani public.

The fact is that even our lawyer’s movement doesn’t really know what the fvck they’re fighting for anymore. Had they been fighting for a bill to separate the Justice System from the Administration, their movement may still have been relevant, but given their obsessive focus on one man, namely, IMC, the weasles at the helm have been able to throw them off the trail.

Now we have to wait till 9th march.. which will also be a disappointment.

We need to use this lull in between military governments and strengthened the ‘democratic forces’. It seems the next martial law is inevitable even though it might mean the End of Pakistan. The jurnails are simply not equipped to understand this possibility and they will keep “destroying the village to protect it”.

The Lawyer’s movement needs to get a “separation of Judiciary and Administration” bill out of this government.

Nawaz Sharif needs to get the 17th amendment repealed, and he needs to forget about him becoming PM or even running for office for now.

There also needs to be a commission that needs to review and revamp the syllabus at the Pakistani Military Academies and the recomendations need to be implemented through a bill attached to the defense spending bills.

And there needs to be a group of Pakistani citizens who is willing to do battle with the TRIPLE-SHIT brigade when they get ready to jump over the PM house’ walls and conquer Islamabad once more with “kamaal DhiTTaai” that is the hall-mark of the jurnail class.

I’d be happy if even ONE of these things comes to pass. I would love to see the curriculum at the PMA’s changed because that is the basic problem.

The Army needs to understand that the chain of command starts at the civilian executive, ie; The Prime Minister.

Otherwise we will keep seeing repeats of “meray aziz hamwatno” until the ‘watan’ is no-more 🙁

For your reading pleasure:

Martial-Law kaa siyaasi andaaz”

Ai vatan kay sajeelay jurnailo
saaray raQbay tumharay liyay haiN

To do a development indicator comparison between Pakistan & Bangladesh check out the Human Development Reports page

You can pick and choose development indicators and it will even export the data to excel format.

justice4all Says:
January 1st, 2009 at 2:36 am

… an eye opener for those who are getting IMPATIENT with ZARDARI MAFIA.PAKISTANI GENERALS are good at only one thing and that is MAKING THINGS WORST.
In the absence of any constitutional machanism to keep check on ZARDARI MAFIA people are getting nervous at the moment.Still we hope to keep them in place through PUBLIC PRESSURE and not these KHALAEE MAKHLOOQ called JURNAILS.



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