He has returned!

President Zardari has returned so to say that he escaped was wrong. Most analysts were quick to conclude different results and media spread not only rumors but also manufactured news which were aimed to confuse the public, Zardari again was ridiculed and misunderstood, we were told mysteries about different aspects of his health and his actions in the days before he left.

Pakistan’s Urdu as well as English language media has shown its contempt for elected government again and again which in long term is very harmful for the progress and prosperity of this country. It is not the case that to criticize this government is to criticize democracy as we have been told to raise contempt against this government and its allies. But  that criticism should be positive and honest aiming to achieve constructive objectives and contributing towards stability. If it is good and necessary to show mirror, it is bad to show a distorted mirror.

Problem in Pakistan is that the traditional power bearers (army and its affiliates) cannot tolerate any other force sharing power with them, it is difficult for them to live with a ‘sautan’. Corruption and all other evils in society, government, administration and other arms and gear of state are a reality, but these evils are present in every government and every time since inception of this country. Objective must be to force power bearers to check and change the status quo and take legislative, administrative and ethical decisions to stop corruption. It should be the elected legislators to bring change in this country, not someone coming to power from a side door, as all those who come from a side door are self serving bigots, they have no legitimacy and there can never be any hope that people will ever be able to have any influence over such forces. Only way to bring change is to transfer power to the people. One may ridicule that idea but that really is the only way to bring any positive change. We must and should condemn any force which opt to come to power without getting elected from people.

And those who are not happy must struggle to raise public support for themselves,  mocking around and ridiculing will not help them; it is good that they show their real faces but it is bad in the sense that it offend and dis-heart people and makes it hard for them to trust and believe and to participate in the process with zeal to bring leadership from amongst them. Real target of all hate mongers is the people, they do not really want people to concentrate on real issues, gather and rise for their rights.



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