Mind your own back, Mr. Karzai – by Rusty Walker

For the record, why would the U.S., EVER be “stunned” as the news report stated, that Hamid Kazai would “not back the US in a confrontation with Pakistan” – mind you, a confrontation that is not in the least likely in current geopolitical jockeying.

While I insist American’s aren’t stupid, it is beginning hard to prove it- our revolving congress and administration just doesn’t have the ability to learn from history- We don’t learn well.

We picked Hamid Karzai, installed him into power without any real collaboration with Afghans- his credentials? Well, he’s a Pashtun with master’s degree, a fair weather friend that speaks English!!

We protected him from numerous assassination attempts (his brother not so lucky), he is hated by the Taliban, Haqqani network, mistrusted by Pashtun tribes, and all ethnic and all other sectarian groups throughout Afghanistan as an American puppet; notable for election fraud and outrageous nepotism, his corruption has made him rich at the expense of the people of Afghanistan who see this.

Despite his weak presidency-we lavished awards on him, from Britain; In fear and loathing out of self-preservation strategy Karzai plays India against Pakistan, aligning with both- aligns with Iran, who has their own agenda,. After Qaddafi videos circulated frightened all corrupt leaders; Karzai is fearful- his vulnerability to being deposed or shot, escalate with each American troop removed from his civil war ripe soil; with little capability of fighting any real resistance on his own. Pakitans- his friend? Kayani may decide to unleash LeT and create his own Pashtunistan.

WE SURE CAN PICK’M CAN’T WE? First the Shah of Iran, then, Saddam against Iran, Zia/US partners against the Soviets, brainwashing and arming the 1978 Pashtun and Arab Salafists that morphed into Taliban and al Qaeda, partnering with opperessive Saudi Wahhabists for their oil, and now this-Karzai puppet from a Steven King novel.

I don’t predict assassinations. I am a gentle soul. But, there are more people that want Karzai six feet under, than want him as a symbol of Afghanistan national pride.


Thanks to Karzai and his ‘government, today, NATO and the US have been outmanuevered in Afghanistan by the Pakistan army and ISI, and their Saudi and Chinese backers.

The statement of picking Pakistan over the United States were a war to break out is just simply ludicrous and mischief making. Pakistan and the United States have a long and on-again-off-again- adversarial/ally history of the type seen between brothers in dysfunctional families, but war is not in the picture. Our differences work their way out, due ultimately, to mutual long term geopolitical goals.

Karzai’s fear is palpable. His lack of courage embarrassing.

I wish more for the Afghan people than a Karzai.



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