On PTI’s jihad against Ataul Haq Qasmi

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Supporters and fans of PTI’s chairman Imran Khan are currently busy in abusing, threatening and harassing veteran writer and columnist Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi only because Mr. Qasmi dared to criticize Imran Khan particularly because of his insistence on not reducing the SKMH laboratory fee to test Dengue fever.

Imran Khan, the man with tall claims, pipe dreams, angelic postures and self-righteousness aura has been exposed big time as the government health authorities raided the laboratories of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and it was found that they were charging the poor people thousands of rupees just to test the Dengue Fever. Punjab government has instructed all government run public hospitals in Punjab to conduct Dengue tests for free while private labs and hospitals have been instructed to charge no more than 90 rupees per test. Thousands of people are thronging the hospitals, few public hospitals are unable to meet the demand. Most Pakistanis are poor and they cannot afford the expensive tests. During government raids in Lahore, like some other laboratories, laboratories of Imran Khan were also found charging thousands of rupees and legal action was taken against them. Ironically, Imran Khan is using the hospital, constructed at the land provided free by the Punjab government through the donations of the people, for promoting his political interests and now when dengue had become a serious problem, his laboratories were also found profiteering at the hour of trial.(source 1; source 2)

Video Report
Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Laboratories sealed for overcharging Dengue patients

In his columns, columnist Ata Ul Haq Qasmi reveals the well coordinated thuggish and harassing behaviour of Imran Khan fan club (known as PTI). Apparently, PTI leaders and workers have organized mafia style teams to threaten media persons, writers and anchors who refuse to comply with the PTI/Imran Khan propaganda. PTI workers sent abusive messages (phone calls, SMS and emails) to Mr. Qasmi to penalize him on his critical column.

21, 24 Sep, 1 Oct 2011

Comments from PTI website:
24/09/2011 4:04 AM
The first thing is dat IK cant shut public’s mouth. secondly m 1000% sure dis PML-N TOUT is exaggrating. I can guarantee u now even u sit mum they will keep writing against IK n PTI!! Long time ago Haroon sahab warned PTI dat be ready for a strom of propaganda n defamation for which a hefty amount has been allocated to fill the mouth of sold souls like QASMI sahab (once AMBASSADOR IN NORWAY DURING NAWAZ REIGN, n Irfan Siddique who is nawaz’s political advisor n his personal speech writer). You will see an intensity in this campaign as the election get closer!!! Just show me one column of IRFAN SIDDIQUI n ATA QASMI in last one week which went widout hitting IK frivolously?? ”Aur ooper se phir yeh kehna k I equally respect IK n Nawaz both, hypocrisy k siwa aur kia hai?

Yasir Qadeer, PTI France

chaaa khoooob,,kitna khoobsorat andaaz hai kisi ko badnaam karnay ka,a big big shame on this old man……now this is a new way of character assasination,and a humble request for PTI media cell to counter all this stuff

I dont believe a word of this ‘sold out so called journalist’!!!

This is a new form of propaganda– him and irfan siddiqui have been hired on good pays and ‘promises of ambassadorship’ to try and defame iK

This time it is not going to work my dear Non league representatives!!!

we should not use abusive language at all, if anyone does, pls change your style of your honest replies!

My problem with this column is that where its a possibility tht some of our supporterz may hav sent him hate mail but there isnt much of a chance tht any pti office was used to do so.. @all who think ata ul haq qasmi wont b lying then i can prove tht he has shamelessly lied in this column..His claim tht some journalist updated that sita white thng on his website/fbk is bogus..No journalist has ever done tht..a user with a fake id on nusrat javed’s page said tht but nusrat javed never updated any such shameless cmmnts..Ata ul haq qasmi is a big fat LIAR

24/09/2011 8:30 AM
as indicated by Haroon Rasheed sb few weeks ago, pmln propaganda cell have started a full fledge compaign against Ik, their paid columnists and anchors are playing their CHARACTERS quite brilliantly.
some other tactics are:
registering on different websites and writing comments full of hatred and dirty language pretending as a PTI member.
submitting abusive comments on fb pages of different anchors and columnist so they start hating pti and IK.
send abusive text messages to anchors and journalist.

so let them play their dirty game, we should concentrate and be focused.
dont forget that no one can defeat the power of truth.

my one liner answer for Mr. Qasmi is ” even if we accept that these BAD people belong to pti, they have nothing to do with pti or Imran Khan’s ideology. same as you can not hate islam if muslims are doing something bad”.

24/09/2011 8:43 AM

plz friends dont get into his trap, pti members abused him but he abused imran khan in the column.the column is against imran khan and haroon rasheed. he said pti members doing it on imran khan’s order.people showing sympathy with him here. he is nawaz sharif’s family servant, he will keep writting against imran like irfan sidiqi doing these days. they both are on the mission against imran. they are given task by sharif brothers. its just an excuse to complain about pti worker and write against imran. how cleverly he bring sita white issue in his column by using some one else reference.how cleverly he tried to link mqm and musharaf with pti. its well-planned article by pml(N) media cell. irfan siidiqi also tried to link imran with mqm and musharaf in his yesterday’s column. mqm and musharaf got bad reputation thats these 2 pmln agents trying to link them with imran khan.

24/09/2011 9:09 AM
First of all this debate is useless that who are black sheeps in us? For example if i start farwarding A.Q mobile no. to the people and ask them to abuse A.Q. then how can PTI trace me or anyone else. This paid journalist abused Imran Khan on the basis of some massages sent by unknown PTI members. How can he and other journalist blame Imran Khan for that? most probably this is the part of PML N funded campaign run against I.K. We should not waste our time to search black sheep in us. I think we should wait. Soon, Haroon Rashid will answer him in batter way.


24/09/2011 9:17 AM
آپ ایک بات نوٹ کریں کہ جب کوئی کالم نگار عمران خان کے خلاف کالم لکھتا ہے یا تبصرہ کرتا ہے تو دوسرے دن یہ ڈھنڈورا پیٹنا شروع کردیتا ہے کہ مجھے گالیاں دی گئیں۔ مجھے دھمکیاں دی گئیں۔ ایسا ہی عطاء الحق قاسمی نے کیا۔ پہلے نصرت جاوید نے بھی ایسی حرکت کی۔ حالانکہ ن لیگ یا پیپلزپارٹی کے سپورٹرز تو بہت آگے ہیں۔ یہ نصرت جاوید وہی صاحب ہیں جو عمران خان کو فاشسٹ کہہ رہے تھے۔ پھر کچھ دن بعد اسے الطاف حسین کا مذاق اڑانے کی پاداش میں ٹی وی چینل سے فارغ کردیا تو اس نے کہا کہ مجھے آج ٹی وی نے ایم کیوایم کے کہنے پر فارغ کیا ہے۔ ایم کیوایم اس الزام کی تاب نہ لاسکی اور دوبارہ اس کی نوکری بحال کرادی۔ ان چند صحافیوں کا یہ حال ہے کہ یہ خود کو مقدس گائے سمجھتے ہیں اور شاندار بنگلوں، فارم ہاؤسز میں رہتے ہیں۔ شراب کے مزے اڑاتے ہیں اور ٹی وی پر آکر لوگوں کو اخلاقیات کا درس دیتے ہیں۔

ان کی اس بات میں اس حد تک وزن ہے کہ کچھ لوگ کسی مخالف سیاسی جماعت کے ایماء پر گالیاں دیتے ہیں یا کچھ امیچور قسم کے لوگ ایسی حرکتیں کرتے ہوں گے۔ یہ بات سو فیصد یقینی ہے کہ ن لیگ ایسا کررہی ہے۔ ن لیگ کا میڈیا سیل بہت ایکٹیو ہے جسے احسن اقبال، پرویز رشید، خواجہ آصف، مشاہداللہ خان، صدیق الفاروق چلا رہے ہیں اور ایک بیوروکریٹ شعیب بن عزیز کو مت بھولیں جو میڈیا کے لوگوں میں لفافے تقسیم کرنے میں مشہور ہے۔ وہ آج ن لیگ کا میڈیا ایڈوائزر ہے۔ پہلے ایم کیو ایم نے ویب سائٹ پر ایم کیوایم کی حمایت اور دوسروں کے خلاف پروپیگنڈا کے لئے پوسٹنگ کے لئے بندے ہائر کئے تھے۔ یہی کام اب ن لیگ نے پکڑلیاہے اور مجھے اس حد تک کنفرم ہے کہ احسن اقبال ایک ٹاک شوز کی ویب سائٹ والوں کو پیسے دیکر پروپیگنڈا کراتا ہے، جبکہ دوسروں کو ذمہ داری دی گئی ہے کہ ایس ایم ایس، اخبارات اور جعلی ای میل ایڈریس کے ذریعہ پروپیگنڈا کرایا جائے۔

عطاء الحق قاسمی ایک بہت بڑا دانشور تھا۔ مجھے آج بھی اس کا ڈرامہ شب دیگ یاد ہےجس میں اس نے معاشرتی اور سیاسی مسائل کو اجاگر کیا تھا لیکن آج کے اورکل کے عطاء الحق قاسمی میں بہت فرق ہے۔ آج کا عطاء الحق قاسمی دنیا کی رنگینیاں دیکھ کربھٹک گیا ہے اللہ تعالٰی اسے سیدھا راستہ دکھائے آمین۔


01/10/2011 12:18 AM
The truth is that PTI has never instructed its members for such activity. However, another truth is that many PTI members, particularly our online community, failed to maintain better and tolerant attitude. The reason for this is simply the overwhelmingly frustration from our political system and political class. It is the Pakistani intelligentsia and media which is responsible for this happening, not our youth.

In addition, this reaction is further intensified by almost total black out of PTI rallies by major news channels. Provide PTI just 5% of the space which media provide to MQM, or ML-N, you will see this intensity will be gradually lowered.


We support Imran Khan, no problem if he is supported by ISI. We love Imran Khan, we love ISI.

Update: Video report on cyber harassment tactics by Imran Khan’s PTI workers

Is cyber terrorism of PTI workers linked with Imran Khan’s arrogance? GEO News Anchor Sana Bucha, Columnist Atta ul Qasmi, Social & Political Blogger Nadeem F. Parracha and ANP Leader Bushra Gohar share their views. PTI Secretary General Arif Alvi defending his workers saying that they can’t control any one on cyber space.




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