The horrors of media capitalism and the orthodox televangelist whores -By Zeeba Hashmi

It’s all about hunger for control. It’s all about hitting the right audience.

Amir Liaqat’s exposure came at a time when there was a general perception of godliness about him, and this perception becomes much more stronger among his followers when all he had to do was simply tell it on screen once more that there is an “Ahmediya” hand behind this footage which he claims has been forged by his predecessor chanel he worked for.

How easy it is to thrive on emotionally charged and religiously sensitized minds that’s hungry for a tad bit of violence erupting for “righteous” causes. “Kill them. Just Kill them All!” is the subtle abstract mantra Liaqat’s sending out in hate spewed air waves once more.

This hunger for control goes uncontrolled. If channelised properly, capitalism might not be a diesease in itself, but unregulated practices and exploitation is.

Our profit-greedy TV magnets here that hardly ever pay their taxes to the government are overtly obsessed with peoples’ emotions. Politicians use it to divert their attention from core issues to other administrative concerns that a general audience has little concern about.

The television buys their time because engaging them in charged hard talks with opponents translate into more TRPs for them. And when there is all the chaos being created, the only solution that give them to win an argument is to bring in their version of Islam to justify a certain stance.

Where can there be further debate in futile tongue gutterings?

Amir Liaqat is in deep trouble now, as he has been exposed beautifully. But I don’t think it’s the Islaminess of his that has become an issue here , no matter what filthy trash he’s been spitting over through over-exagerrated expressions of a “true scholar” for his viewers, it is all about finding an oppurtunity in excercising power through his artifical piety that the mass scale audience idealise here.

Ever wondered why has it remained a booming business for the pop singers and cricket players to exhibit their religiosity here?

They themselevs might not necessarrily be that in private lives, but because it gives them a reason to become popular symbols, thay act like one.

Where is the control when one issues a fatwa over another because they are in disagreement with them? Where is the media sincerity?

And where the (f) is the government in all this when it is needed to protect its vulnerable citizens more than it banning mundane bollywood profanities on screen? Does itr ever become serious about the kind of hate that is being spread on our mainstream media in the name of Islam?

Preaching about love, peace, respect and harmony for other religions/sects and people of different non-millitant perceptions, orientations and ideologies is not an issue.

But it is a problem because harmony is lacking in all our islami televengalist preachers—rather the televengalist whores that the likes of Zakir Naik, Amir Liaqat and Junaid Jmashed are.

The capitalist liason with Islam is a dangerous thing, as it re-endorses the judgemental attitudes and thrives on playing with people’s sensitivities on certain issues, and our oppurtunists here know it too well that in order to excercise power,they have to make best use of religion, as all debates and discourses are then futile and defenseless when heavily charged emotions are involved.

Tableegh or religious preachings must not be condoned as it is subject to variant versions of Islam which tread dangerously on fault lines of rift and differences.

The ownership of religion in the media must go if one really wants their society to progress further instead of debating over whether people smoking in public during Ramzaan should be stoned or not.

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