Paksitani media: A source of mass depression – by Saad Mansoor

Strolling across various Pakistani blogs, I came across a post which very aptly displays one aspect of Pakistani media that is a playing a very significant part in plaguing the Pakistani urban classes with mass depression. The entertainment industry in Pakistani leaves one depressed and saddened leaving one curious as to what in world are they aiming for.


Rafia’s Stories: I wonder why…

Rafia wanted and planned to watch a Pakistani drama and was pretty enthusiastic about it but she ended up watching ‘The King of Queens.’ Why did this happen? I wonder why… 

Rafia was feeling considerably ecstatic after coming home from her evening class. The thought of being consumed by dramas portraying her Pakistani culture to the fullest was proving to be overpowering for her. Upon hurried completion of her chores, Rafia ran towards her ever-so-comfy couch and turned on her TV.

She switched to a Pakistani channel and after being completed absorbed into the colors of her renowned culture being depicted by a newly started drama, she decided to carry on watching. Before even deciphering the situation being discussed in the apparently captivating drama, she grudgingly realized the quick pace at which the TV play began to demonstrate grief.

Rafia wasn’t feeling so ecstatic anymore, hence she decided to switch the channel and find something cheerful to watch. But to her dismay, even after flipping through a plethora of channels, she couldn’t find a single drama which could be deemed as lively and entertaining.

After succumbing to the exasperation such sad dramas made an attempt to acquire, Rafia began to feel gloomy. Finally, she decided to watch something funny – which happened to be an American sitcom.

Disclaimer: This post intends to provide some entertainment for the readers and isn’t trying to devalue any commendable dramas being aired these days.


The Pakistani entertainment channels provide little entertainment. Almost all dramas including the soap operas are consistently tragic where everything is certain to head in a doomed direction. Even the much trumpeted movie Bol caused most women to cry. The dramas are over whelmed with atrocities committed by feudals against peasants, men against women, parents against children and vice versa. Economic woes are ever present and one character is continually taking off to the heavenly abode, needless to say, the leads are most likely to die in the end to cap up all the tragedies.

Compare it to Indian or any other television entertainment, they provide you with sitcoms to make you laugh, ridiculous soap operas which detach you from reality to provide you entertainment if not quality entertainment and an assortment of reality shows. As for us our reality shows stop at an Islamic version of Kaun Banega Crorepati or Who wants to be a millionaire whereby you can end up buying a flat in Makkah.

Furthermore with the increased westernization of Indian movies and global modernism in general the Pakistani families are no longer at ease to watch Indian movies sitting together. At cinemas the censor board has failed to recognize the fact that a kiss or a woman dressed in bikini makes people watching with families very uncomfortable to say the least. The local industry on the other hand is non-existent due to the abundant piracy and lack of governmental support.

All this is having a visibly negative impact on the population that relies on television for entertainment. One can not expect media channels which are private entities to change, however, the government should take notice of the situation which may well be termed alarming and ensure quality entertainment for the masses in these times of despair.



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