Al-Qaida funded N-League waging terrorists in Sindh – by Ali Sher Mussali

Hapless (N) League always remained misfit in the democratic set up in Pakistan and at present their leadership extremely worried about party’s political paradigm which has limited the party to GT road party or a party belonging of Indian migrants. Muhajir Muhajir alliance against indigenous ethnicities in Pakistan is quite natural but dearth or will to rule undemocratically over all regions has distracted this alliance from political will to violent will.

MQM had demanded billion rupee cut from the grant (in Saudi Riyals) awarded to PML (N) by world’s hit Arab terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The money was financed by OBL in 1988 to dismiss Mohatarma Benazir Bhutto’s democratic government and to alliance with small ethnic political factions in Pakistan.

Today’s Pakistan’s politics is clearly divided in two models i.e. Bhuttoism and Ziaism. Zia as martial law officer had introduced violence to nurture factional politics on basis of ethnicities, religions and regions.

Following Ziaism, Nawaz League’s head Nawaz Sharif held meetings with Sindhi ethno-nationalists in May 2011 and in July of the same year he stepped up and tied up with Muhajir (Mutahada) Qaumi Movement M(M)QM. While we know well those Sindhi ethno-nationalists such as Sardar Mumtaz Ali Khan Bhutto, Qadir Magasi and socialists’ and communists’ hero Rasool Bux Palejo had never accepted Indian migrants Muhajirs as part of Sindh provinces. Those individuals had not denounced this new alliance.

Nawaz Sharif is determined and being facilitated by Arabs to repeat 1988 political turmoil in Sindh. In 1988 a small amount of OBL funded grant was gone to Qadir Magasi to finance a massive massacre in Hyderabad on 30th September 1988. MQM had also performed well and waged war with Pashtuns and Sindhis to hinder general election in Pakistan.

2011th September is about to come and Sharif has more options and unwitting pawns to play his terrible game in Sindh. Magasi in alliance with neo-liberal fascist Rasool Bux Palejo’s son had welcomed Nawaz Sharif for a fresh deal last May 2011. They are sleeping audience on Karachi situation.

In Karachi MQM is being collaborated by a banned terrorist group called AZO (renamed PPP-Shaheed Bhutto). 2011’s AZO is being led by Syrian-Labanese Arab woman and her political advisor Sardar Mumtaz Ali Khan Bhutto. AZO has a well trained militant wing in Lyari, Karachi.

Nawaz Sharif has invested a larger share Al-Qaida’s fresh 2011 fund to contract with MQM’s terrorist wing. MQM’s experienced militant wing is now in full control over MQM and enjoying that financial support. MQM has good relations with a PPP’s opponent criminal Baloch gangs of Lyari and strong support of AZO led by Ghinwa an Arab woman. A few well trained individuals from Katchhi community want to play for MQM and Nawaz League to repeat 1988 scene in Sindh.

MQM’s political wing is now dysfunctional which denounced Shahabaz Sharif’s statement regarding Karachi as new province in Pakistan but today after three months MQM’s both political and militant wings are re-active for division of Sindh. Karachi’s walls in MQM’s dominated areas are full of slogan Sindh’s division and no doubt that MQM is stepping toward its historic demand of Jinnah Abad.

MQM has lot of reservations with PPP’s government in Sindh. MQM does not want any new migrants in Karachi or any new city like [Zulifkarabad] adjacent to Karachi

Congratulate! Ghaous Ali Shah and Ismail Rahoo for their party’s successful entry in Sindh

Congratulate! Qadri Magsi, Ayaz Latif Palejo, Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, and Ghinwa for their unconditional support to Nawaz League and their anti-PPP stance.

Congratulate! We appreciate the MQM and Nawaz League alliance which has fulfilled the assignment of killing of 100 people in very short period.

Congratulate! FCS and Independent Judiciary for extraordinary support to MQM and Nawaz League Alliance

Congratulate! Al-Qaida, OBL and PML (N) for successful financial transactions and implementation by their potential allies in 1988 and 2011 in Sindh



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