Renovation of religious and cultural heritage of minorities – Sindh Budget 2012

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The Pakistan Peoples’ Party has been a sole voice for the minorities of Pakistan. We today face a very gloomy period of Pakistan’s history. The unfortunate Gojra incident and the assassination of minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatii has painted a very bad picture of Pakistan on the international stage. Minorities in Pakistan have developed severe apprehensions over the last few months. The judicial as well as local authorities have time and again disappointed the minority communities. This bold and timely step by the Peoples’ Government will ensure confidence of the minorities of Pakistan and project a progressive tolerant image of the country.

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Rs 250m for minorities’ welfare in next budget

KARACHI – The Sindh government would allocate Rs 250 million for minorities in the next budget and presently, many projects are under way for their welfare at a cost of Rs 100 million, Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Information and Archives, Sharmila Farooqui said on Monday.
“These funds will be used to renovate minorities’ religious and cultural places, give stipends for poor students and provide financial assistance to needy families,” she said while talking to a delegation of minorities at her office.
“Minorities in Pakistan have been given their due rights and according to the Constitution of 1973, they enjoy complete freedom of expression and the liberty to follow their religious rituals,” she added.
She said that Benazir Bhutto wanted provision of basic rights to minorities and this dream is being fulfilled by President Asif Ali Zardari through his political reconciliation policy.
Farooqui appreciated that minorities are running welfare institutions and also praised their educational system.
“Minorities are working for the progress of the country and paying their constructive role against extremism and terrorism,” she added.
She said that the present government would foil all conspiracies against democracy with the support of the masses and the enemies of peace would never succeed in their ulterior motives.
She said that the country would not be able to make any progress unless all democratic forces perform their duties.
The adviser said that maintaining law and order in Karachi is among the top priorities of the government and peace would be restored in the city with the support of the government’s coalition partners.
On the occasion, members of the delegation Ashoke Kumar and Joseph Stephen informed the adviser about the minorities’ problems.
The adviser assured them that she would discuss their problems with the president and the chief minister.
Last year, religious minorities in the province including Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, Buddhists and Bahais were allotted five percent job quota in all government services.
The federal government had earlier issued a notification ordering a job quota for religious minorities in all federal government departments.
The reservation of the five percent quota for employment was to be filled up by direct recruitment including the Combined Competitive Examination in addition to the participation in open merit.
The notification issued by the chief secretary under the subject ‘Reservation of five percent quota for employment of minorities (non-Muslims) across the board in Sindh government services and jobs’ stated that the Sindh government had issued the notification to ensure jobs for non-Muslims as defined in Sub-Section 3b of Article 260 of the Constitution of Pakistan.
The notification did not cover jobs in the provincial government’s temporary projects, recruitments through promotions or transfers, short-term vacancies of less than six months’ duration and isolated posts in which vacancies are occasionally available.



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