NRO verdict: a murder of history – by Humza Ikram

Recent NRO verdict is an attempt to distort our 64 years of political history. And the thing which makes me sad the most is that how easily Supreme Court picked up Benazir Bhutto’s book (Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy, and the West) and took a single story from an almost thousand page book and treated it as an evidence against NRO. And the thing which is most alarming is that how easily judges have termed the process of national reconciliation as a deal between two individuals.

The verdict appears to be written in isolation with regard to our political history. And it seems everything was fine and smooth, Pakistan was heaven in the world. Judicial system was exemplary which no one could question and only thugs and murderers needed laws like NRO in order to be freed. And nothing similar to NRO in terms of its ‘evilness’ has ever happened in Pakistan. We were living in free democracy and those negotiating for NRO, negotiated it to make Pakistan a dictatorial regime, and with the advent of NRO doors of democracy were closed for ever.

The ‘honourabl’ judges seem to suggest that Zafar Ali Shah case where judiciary gave powers to General Musharaf to amend the constitution was actually a good omen, whereas Asfyandar Wali Khan’s petition against the NAB ordinance was just a gentleman flirting.

Also it seems that judges felt it was the last chance for judiciary to make this nation a God fearing one; that’s why they had to use Articles 62-F and 63 for the first time in the history of Pakistan, otherwise it was all over.

This judgement has betrayed some very painful realities which show inconsistency of the judiciary. The one which comes straight to my mind is why Supreme Court decided to refer the NRO to the parliament, under which law they did so. Furthermore, why did the same Supreme Court decide on their own about the fate of 3rd November 2007 PCO (Provisional Constitutional ordinance) while they never cared about the parliament to decide about the 3rd November PCO.



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