Nawaz League and Sindhi Nationalists

From airport to my hotel I observed some green flags in hands of 18 million of Pakistani nation. Around 10 (million) were with green flags in their hands on motorbikes, 5 (million) on cars and remaining 3 people (million) were waiting for their beloved leader Mr. Nawaz Sharif who is a self imposed leader of his personal party called Nawaz League or Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). A friend (Sindhi) accompanied with me she told me that you peoples’ or (Punjabi’s leader) (has finished all his tasks in Punjab and now he is here in Sindh to spread his political message in Karachi and Sindh.  [Sorry’ English word million means total men]

I surprised that she used two terms “Sindh and Karachi” separate for Sindh which she did not wanted to say. I picked her words and tried to tease her. “So you are saying that Sindh and Karachi which means Sindh and Karachi are two separate provinces with Sindh”. She wanted to defend herself and her statement and said that Nawaz Sharif did not say so but once Shahbaz Sharif had just put a question that if PPP will try to support Siraikies to bisect Punjab on basis of ethnicity than PPP will have to face a question that why Sindh can not to be divided into two regions likely to be Karachi and Sindh- She repeated that Sharif had just asked a question.

My friend quoted Kawish Newspaper in her hand. Some leaders of mainstream ethno-nationalist parties including Syed Jalal Mehammood Shah (GM Syed’s son who was great national leader), Dr. Qadir Magsi (30th September’s hero), Rasool Bux Palejo’s son Ayaz Latif Palejo (FCS’s CJ restoration movement’s leader from Sindh), Sardar Mumtaz Ali Khan Bhutto  (Patriarch, believes that PPP’s  heirs are Sardars of Bhutto tribe)  and some other leaders.

I reminded about some literature which I have seen on GM Syed’s political life. He had demanded for independent Sindh like Bangladesh. He had some meetings with General Zia also, his party was not part of MRD and alleged to be MQM designer.

I know Palejo little bit he was active in CJ’s restoration movement alongwith FCS in Lahore. He and his Janasheen son Ayaz Latif Palejo had mature understanding with Kalabag dam issue. [Mr. Palejo participation in CJ’s restoration was commendable. After CJ’s restoration I in an article suggested him to file a petition against Kalabag Dam to get favour from his ideal independent CJ but he did not. Qadir Magsi blamed to helping hand in formation of MQM in his young age. Later he was used or motivated for a massive massacre in Hyderabad on 30th September 1988. That action was committed to uphold the general elections in Pakistan and continuation of martial law in Pakistan.

My friend told me that Nawaz Sharif is accompanied by a Rahoo political leader ex-PLM (Q) leader who is son of Mr. Fazal Rahoo Shaheed. Fazal is believed father of Sindhi nation and a martyr during Zia regime because of his incredible struggle for landless people of Sindh. Incidentally at the time his martyr Nawaz Sharif was Zia’s right hand and he was appointed as Chief Minister of Punjab. Mr. Sharif at that time had not demanded for division of Sindh but I think he had known why Fazal Rahoo was killed. Fazal’s son is now Nawaz’s right hand in Sindh. Mr. Rahoo has defended Shahabaz Sharif’s statement or question about Sindh’s division in two provinces.

My Sindhi friend told me that politics is a cruel game! But I again I asked him that why Mr. Nawaz  is holding meetings with Sindhi nationalists?

Does he want Nationalists’ agreement on construction of Kalabag Dam?

Does he want their agreement for separation of Karachi from Sindh?

My friend replied NO!

He wants nationalist’s support to stop Pakistan Census 2011 and he wants to repeat politics of distrust and opposition of census 2011 like as the nationalists had performed to stop Pakistan Census 1991. Nawaz came here to beg from Sindhi nationalists because Mr. Sharif wants to teach lesson who had left him alone in Punjab and migrated to Sindh. He wants help from nationalist as those escaped poor, marginalised and bonded labourers should go back to vote and work for him. He does not want those labourer migrants to be enumerated in Sindh which may increase population (ratio wise) of Sindh.  He came here to remind nationalist that they should not distract from their original manifestos against Muhajirs in Sindh.

He wishes that the nationalist Qadri Magsi should revise 30th Sept event and other nationalists should say again that people who migrated in Sindh after 1954 should not be enumerated. And Mumtaz Bhutto should say that PPP is of tribal Bhutto’s not of Zardaris,.

My Sindhi friend agreed that nothing new but nationalist always hate PPP because PPP has never allowed them to fool people of Sindh. So nationalists like Mumtaz Ali Bhutto and others are here to oppose each PPP’s political stance. The nationalists of Sindh had always blamed people of Sindh that people who vote for PPP are fool and illiterate and they are there to chose pathways for them.

So today Topi, Ajrak and Kashmiri Pagri will be exchanged in each others honour between Nawaz League and the nationalists of Sindh.



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