To the honourable generals of Pakistan army – by Rashid Aurakzai

We have starved ourselves to treat you like Royals, sirs!

In the aftermath of Osama bin Laden’s discovery by the US commandos in a Safe House in the garrison town of Abbottabad, it feels as if we, Pakistanis, are going through a horrible dream of being naked in public. No matter what we do, the guilt keeps building up till we wake up and feel relieved.

Do those ‘responsible’ feel the same? Not a single Ghairti (members of the so called ‘national honour brigade’) blew out his brain when 90,0000 Pakistan troops surrendered in Dacca. Why expect now?

The GHQ’s media implants within right-wing and liberal journalists are trying very hard to hide their masters’ big ugly fart by diverting public anger towards the favorite punching bag, i.e. Asif Zardari. ‘Why don’t ‘the rulers’ say something, Chaudhry Nisar interrogatively stated, conveniently missing out the fact that his own party chief enjoyed OBL’s generous support to impede Benazir Bhutto’s election as the PM of Pakistan.

Will GHQ’s proxies within politics and media tell us what can or should be said when ‘They’ are caught red handed? Why should PPP come to their tormentors’ rescue?

When were bloody civilian leaders ever taken into confidence by the Napoleans and Alexanders of Pakistan army. Back in 1990s, Benazir Bhutto, an elected PM, could not be trusted a visit to ‘sensitive’ facilities such as the Kahuta Nuclear Plant (otherwise known to the world) but Nawaz Sharif could be and was. This is because her father blundered by not hanging generals for laying arms with 90,000 men, a month’s supplies and ammo at hand?


Shahadat Na Matlub-o-Maqsud-e-Momin,
Bulkay Paan Ki Pati aur Gaisoo-e-Bengali

Can a tax payer protest our saviours’ ever rising defense spending? Can the parliament debate Pak-India peace? Are we really free to analyze their cost to benefit ratio? Can they be told to open FATA to independent observers and media? What to talk of changing our foreign policy. The government cannot even devolve an insignificant institution like HEC when it is constitutionally illegal to keep it. Why? Because, our Military has stakes in every money making venture including education.

How easy it is in Pakistan to evade argument, blackmail emotionally and win. Nobody can dare or afford ‘their’ enmity. They are good at haunting and hunting the sparse and helpless Balochs. They can use, torture, malign, kill and sell Pakhtoons. They even can disappear hundreds of innocents for sometimes personal scores. They are good at nurturing, protecting and glorifying some of most dangerous terrorist organizations on earth. How could this be incompetence or ‘scanty resources’ or ‘ wide stretching’.

OBL was not found from Kohlu or Pind Dadun Khan but from Abbottabad where you walk into at least one intelligence official every 15 minutes. And how much ‘More is More’?

Don’t they deserve dismissals from services for even the ‘incompetence’? What about our lost decade taking us back into stone age under the Coward Commando? Who will account for deteriorated law and order, erosion of economy, degradation of civil services, loss of national credibility and rising of poverty?

No Sir, this isn’t incompetence but brazen arrogance in one’s stupidity.

And when a jackal’s life is to end, it runs into the city. They threaten the US and the world of ‘dire consequences’ if Abbottabad was repeated. Well Ghalib would say “Kia janta nahin tumhari kamar ko main” (Do I not know your belt?).

Do you want another Afghanistan for Chinese interest? Can a country incapable of meeting 16000 MW demand afford to fight another with 80,00,000 MW installed capacity? Do all our Corps Commanders and their bosses, Musharaf and Kayyani included, not owe us Pakistan’s honor? Has Kayyani not headed the cancerous ISI? Should he not resign and present himself to a court martial if cannot blow out his brains?

Shouldn’t accountability start from the most powerful?

Thank God a civilian government is sitting in office and democrats in the White House, otherwise another declared rogue state. Why should the world come to the compulsive liars’ rescue? Why should we respect Pakistani generals when they have no self-respect? Is there no one in the Command and Staff College or the PMA to teach them a little common sense? Could Osama win us war in Afghanistan? Let’s put it Cyril’s way. What could have been gained by keeping him, even if he was not caught till the doomsday?

Gentlemen officers of our military! we starve ourselves, ignore our health, sacrifice our future to pay, entertain and arm you the best in third world, Sir. We keep you like Royals, Sir; even borrow if we have to, Sir. You are the most envied, respected, revered, served, saluted, paid and cared for, Sir. Though our 80% have no access to clean drinking water, Sir, we manage to keep swimming pools and lakes for your water sports, Sir. Our children can’t find a pitch to bowl and bat on Sir, but we keep your golf courses lush green, Sir. Our Professors can’t buy a two room flat with their pensions Sir but we build you tens of millions worth villas in posh Defense Housing Societies, Sir. There is no comparison between you, the ‘vital few’ Sir, and us, the ‘trivial many’, Sir. You have won not an inch of land Sir but torn apart, half of us, Sir. If only We hadn’t let you get away with it, Sir? You don’t respect anything of this country, Sir, not even constitution, Sir. May we ask Sir, Where we failed you, Sir?



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