The hypocrisy of “we want to hold you to your own principles of due process” – by Harbir Singh Nain

The internet has filled with hand wringing about Osama not getting a trial. I get that we all would have felt better that our principles had been upheld if had not been shot on sight, but I am beginning to think that people are starting to lose perspective.

The wagon is lead by people with wonderful ideas about due process, rightly so, but it seems virtually everyone with a grudge against America finds that they have got a new angle to attack America on while being able to claim the moral high ground, and avoiding inviting comment about their own prejudices and misplaced sympathies.

So I say to the true idealists, “I agree”. To all the America-is-an-imperialist-terrorist-monster crowd I say “I wish you were truly motivated by ideals you are claiming to uphold. it would have been a good world. but since you’re not, I look forward to the next terrorist getting his brain blown out by the Americans in order to give you a chance to cause you gnash your teeth some more and practice some more of that we-want-to-hold-you-to-your-own-ideals hypocrisy.”

All these America-the-imperialist-monster cuckoos would have made a Tamasha of the whole proceedings. Now they ask for a fair trial. Had he got one, they would have argued his trial can not possibly be fair because the imperialist monster intends to kill him.



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