USA-phobia and Osama’s death – by Ali Sher Mussali

Pseudo-socialists, pseudo-nationalists and Osama bin Laden’s shahadat

There are many so called communists, socialists, ethno-nationalists who initially joined PPP because they were motivated by Bhuttoism. Some among them, the followers of ‘entryism’ (infiltration), were hopeful to overcome PPP’s leadership through their shrew tactics and intellect. A minority among the ex- communists and ethno-nationalists remained out of mainstream politics or formed their tonga sized political and non-political factions (called FCS – Fake Civil Society) either (ab)using socialist or nationalist ideologies.

Followers of entryism and those who formed their own political groups always opposed democracy in Pakistan, created USA-phobia, and allied with Islamofascist groups.

Once an anchor asked Sindhi Nationalist and Maoist Rasool Bux Palejo that whether he believed that Mohatrama Benazir Bhutto was a shaheed or not. He replied “One who killed by the USA is a shaheed”.

Now it is golden chance for the FCS to oppose the USA along with their allies, they must also light candles and offer Ghaibana Janaza Namaz jointly with Jamat-e-Islami, Tahreek Insaaf, Jamat-ul-Dawa.



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