President Zardari’s Lahore tour and the PML-N’s resentment – by Farhad Jarral

Recent tour of President Zardari in lahore was a master blaster and it has created a huge anger in N-league. We see many of N-leaguers on TV barking against the President because he is in Lahore and Lahore is the city of Sharif Brothers constituency. The reason why N leaguers feel anger is because President Zardari in his tour has done a lot for the poor masses , e.g :

1: Inaugration of Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre (GTDMC) aimed at meeting needs of the local industry, besides boosting exports of country’s engineering sector. The centre second after Karachi will enhance indigenous production, reduce import of 11 million and its an opportunity for employment to the residents of Gujranwala .

2: Inaugration of Technology Upgradation and skills Development Company (TUSDEC) will benefit state owned Industries including Automobile and Vendor Industries .

3: President Zardari Inaugrated the Idara-e-Kisan , a self supporting organization of small farmers and land less livestock is a self-financed farmer’s organization with sufficient profits to support development service infrastructure to improve livestock production .

4: Inaugration of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Medical College in Lahore, a great opportunity for the medical students in Lahore, Shiekhupura, Mureedke and Gujranwala.

5: Inaugration of Neeli Bar Agricultural Research and Training Station, Burewala.

6: The ground-breaking of Bio-Remediation Institute, Lahore Green City.

7: The president inaugurated the Gakkhar Mandi 500-KV grid station and the 500-KV Muzaffargarh-Gatti transmission line, completed at a cost of Rs 450 million in two years. The system also includes two circuits of 220 KV and eight circuits of 122 KV for Gujranwala.

8: Inauguration the Faisalabad Garment City project, spread over an area of 40 acres on the Khurrianwala-Sahianwala Road. The president also performed the ground-breaking of the new academic bloc and the IT Centre and Video Conferencing Facility at the National Textile University.

9: President Zardari announced Rs 500 million for the establishment and upgrading of the FCCI Library, Research and Development and IT Department.

These projects are the vision of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed. President said that he is the worker of Shaheed ZAB and for this he is inaugrating such projects to facilitate the poor masses. Beside all these projects President and Co-Chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari in his address to the PPP workers from Lahore and other cities of Punjab at the Governor’s House he said, “I am listening to the voice of people, and know that their problems are not being solved,” .

Responding to activists’ slogans against the party’s local and provincial leadership, Asif Zardari said he was well aware of their problems, and the PPP government was committed to addressing these problems. He said the PPP government was committed to strengthening democracy in the country, which would guarantee rights to the neglected and downtrodden people. The PPP believed democracy is the best revenge and it wants to pay respect to all state institutions which is vital for strengthening of the Federation, he added. President Asif Ali Zardari vowed to hold a ‘darbar’ in Lahore every month to address the party workers’ grievances, and expressed his resolve to continue respecting the state institutions.

Yesterday President Zardari visited Faislabad and had Awaami Jalsa (Public Address) there, he said that he is ready to face all challenges and he’l serve the people as he is committed to the vision of Bhutto Shaheed. He said in the next three years, there would be no shortage of water or power. “We will end poverty and fulfil the promise of ‘Roti, Kapra Aur Makan,’” he said.

The president announced Rs 100 million for the National Textile University. He added that Benazir Bhutto sacrificed her life, as she was aware of the threats in Swat and Malakand, “The objective of the PPP is to accomplish the mission of its great leaders. We are not afraid of death and we have made a pledge on the blood of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto Shaheed to serve the coming generations and the people of Pakistan. “It is the power of the people, which leads me to confront any challenge. It is this strength that causes fear amongst them (opponents). All the conspiracies will end soon.” He is on the vision of Bhuttosim and he’l stand like a rock to face the problems and threats, people need not to worry as he will fight, on their behalf, against those who are against providing them the basic necessities of life.

This is for sure that the Leaders are always with masses and those who run from country due to fear are not real LIONS but they are CIRCUS LIONS, ” Jungle mai aik hi shair hota hy , Jo Bhaag jatay hain wo KUTTAY kehlatay hain ” (There’s only one Lion in the Jungle which is called the LION KING, those who run from threats and fear are Dogs not Lions) .

President Zardari still holds the Chain of Federation as his Leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto did . May Allah help him to fulfill the visions of the Founder Leader of PPP, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and May he’l fulfill all the basic needs of the Pakistan. Ameen.


Long Live Bhuttoism .. PAKISTAN KHAPPAY!



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