The rise of new pawn Imran Khan -by Imran Qadir Bhat

Even before the inception of Pakistan, politics of this part of Punjab was dominated by British loyalist Zameendar and Jageerdars who were famous for their greed, sycophancy and opportunism.

History reminds us they changed their political allegiance to Jinnah’s Muslim League not because of their emotional or ideological affinity with the cause of free and independent country for the Muslims of Sub-continent, but truth of the matter is that they left Unionist Party just to safeguard their ill gotton Jageers.

As they were only interested in their personal and familial well being, they became natural collaborators for Pakistan Military Establishment (PME). So they have the ‘honour’ of being first chosen ones, first pawn of PME. In the early years of Pakistani politics, they acted as a front for civil and military bureaucracy of Pakistan at the expense of the people of Pakistan.

With the passage of time, PME found another natural ally in shape of political mullahs who were increasingly becoming visible thanks to untapped financial resources of various Arab despots. Though these political mullahs never had any electoral strength, they had a kind of nuisance value that could be used by PME to blackmail genuine polical
parties to safeguard PME’s political and economic interests. To datethese political mullahs have been the most bankable and reliable pawns of PME on Pakistani political chess board.

Since 2008 coup, PME have been one hunt for a new face for new polical class on Pakistan. Someone who can be presented as an alternative to popular political parties that threaten their grip on power. They have been looking for an outspoken person with little or no knowledge of Pakistani political culture but with abundance of emotions and
ambitions. And present day Pakistan no other personality can fit the bill than our dear Captain Imran Khan, who presented himself for their services and like shrewd businessmen they did not hesitate to invest in him.

Our Captain is outspoken, but it does not mean he can talk sense. Honestly speaking, I fond him the most confused and confusing politician who started his political life with an anti VIP culture slogan from a VVIP Lounge of famous five star hotel in Pakistan. He is so out of sync whenever he speaks that when asked about his economic team his reply was,”economic expert can be hired from abroad”. And that is our Captain who does not waste any opportunity to warn us about the dangers of hiring foreign experts for Pakistan’s financial troubles.

Obviously being a captain of the most successful cricket team, he has been in media limelight for quite sometime. Furthermore, he worked tirelessly for Shoukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital that created an image of sincere and honest person among people. I still believe him sincere and honest but when it comes to politics I find him
confusingly confused and one wasting his precious talent aimlessly.

The point I am trying to drive at with this article is that unfortunately our dear Captain has gone ‘Kaptaan Sahib’ and accepted the ‘honour’ of being another pawn of PME. And I am writing this with sad and heavy heart. As for the question of this transformation, I can only say the man is known by the company he keeps. See for yourself
who does Kaptaan Sahib company with, all the rightist religious personalities who are on regular payroll of PME. A question for every Kaptaan Sahib’s admirer, who is behind his latest political overtures with Altag Hussain of ‘muhabbay eatable genrails’ fame? And last but not least, the way he had been fully utilised in Raymond Davis affaor by PME proves he fully endorses PME game plan. This doubt was further ascertained when Kaptaan Sahib after lambasting everyone, refused to criticise PME’s central role on the release of Raymond Davis. This only leads us to say that we are indeed witnessing the rise of new pawn, Kaptaan Imran Khan.



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