Abbas Ather condemns personal attacks on Salman Taseer by PML-N

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The following article offers some light one why PML-N is resorting to derogatory propaganda against Governor Taseer and his family. The reason it seems is Taseer’s tough stance on ISI-backed judges and also his letter to Punjab’s CM Shahbaz Sharif.



In the following article, veteran columnist Abbas Ather condemns PML-N and other right wingers’ and fake liberals’ personal attacks on Governor Taseer.




Some Comments (from pkpolitics):


Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures

I cant see anything awkward in all those pictures with the perspective of the class these people belong to. A big QUESTION that we have to ask from ourselves is that ” What we will do if we are in their place?” Wont we be doing the same. Its a big question over which we have to ponder and then if in our concious if we see that we will also do the same things then its a situation to get disturbed. So we shall start by correcting ourselves first, then our family and then the rest of the world. Islam is not a religion which shall be embraced in a situation when there are no opprtunities for you to do the things but its true test is WHEN you are capable of doing it but you refrain from them. A POINT TO PONDER MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!! What do u think???

Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
With all due respect to everyone, I think posting pictures of one’s family members without their permission is totally wrong. This is some pretty personal stuff. Salman Taseer is a public figure so I can understand his pictures but his kids or wife should be off-limit to public scrutiny or comments.


Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
Well, the dancing pics were i guess from a wedding and its pretty common not only in upper class but in poor families as well that girls dance in the wedding functions… Anyways, I dont see how the modern living style of his kids relate to the IHTISAB or AGAINST PAKISTANI LAW. He is a rich businessman and belong to the ELITE class before becoming the governor. Are we saying demolish the upper class totally or what? I am not sure how many of ppl protesting here have HIJAB and islamic dresses implemented in their families. Our MUJAHIDEEN only look for raise Islam flag on such topics and dont do anything about the bigger problems…

Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
i just say, Shame on you Mr,Notorious..
Who gives you the rights to print the pictures of others. What you trying to proved that you r real muslim, true pakistani and this kind of ur act help pakistan or muslim.
you just did bull****…..just study the islam basic stuff then think what you did……….Please stop these kind of bull**** stuff………….dont give the comments that “:nice daughter”…………Kuch Khada ka khooof karo…..chaley hu dunyiea fateh kernay aur morally failed nation.

Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
As if we think as a Muslim community, that is all bull-****. But if we think like if our daughter or sister go and stay in any hostel life even in Pakistan, you may have images like that (except swimming & sea view) in the rooms with their class mates. On the other hand, swimming & sea view pictures are totally right if we send our daughters / sisters to the foreign countries for studies then why should we feel shame while sending them in totally different & vulgar culture.

Only one quote I prefer to share with you that


If we want to stop all these ****s then we should clean ourselves from our homeland not dare to blame on others. Tell me how many persons don’t drink or don’t like to swim with girls even in this “FORUM”. Who can say that his sister / daughter don’t wear clothes like “Shehrbano” used to wear in “PHOTO GALLERY” ??? Please don’t be spark, be calm & try to vanish all that from our own, then we can ask Governors or Ministers what they should do.

Sorry for using harsh compliments but these are as true as they are.

Thanks for the patience.


Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. Why is it so important for people to pay attention to what the (as the title of it says) “elite” does.
What people need to realize is that everyone has their own lifestyles and what might be normal in one household might be forbidden in another. I would really suggest for this blog to be taken off the Internet since there are a lot of people displayed in the picture who’s reputations are going down the drain.
Keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself, there is no need for anyone to make it so public.
Another point i would like to add: there are a lot of people in these pictures who are not directly related to Salman Taseer and his family, so why are there pictures being displayed on the web?

Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
Originally Posted by sadani View Post
@last pic
now we’ll be having a gay rule in Punjab

Hi everyone

This is just ridiculous and interference in any one’s private life.
Islam also prohibites not to look into someone’s personal life.
We people are living two faced life. Although we would like to be a part of modern society.
In my opinion, Salman Tasser & his family are not doing anything wrong.
Its their right to do anything as they wish.
Some stupid, bull**** man who wants to be in good books of PMLN’s leaders did all this evassive effort.
I’m sure the people behind all this activity are also part of same class.
I live in England and I have seen PMLN leadership and their family as well and some of them are still in UK and living english life.
All Lahore knows abt “Kon kitna Shareef hai?”
I am sure if anyone post their pics, what will happen?
This world is glabal village now and every one is visible.
It is shameful act and I strongly condemn this.


Pakistan ka Aazad Shehri

Re: Governor Punjab Salman Taseer & His Family in Pictures
Dear ones!!!
I respect views given by all of you people but I have my own views and want to share with you. I think its all right for his family to wear and do what they think is right. Sin or something immoral is in the minds and hearts of men. Those people who think that it is wrong and immoral are lacking exposure about civilizations and societies in general (this is what i think)

I givev you two examples. If you go to England, females there wear short dresses which is generally thought of as bad in our society. But in England two boys cannot hug each other. If they do so, they are thought of as being gays. But in our society we hug each other generally and never does the thought of gayism strike our mind. So its everyone’s own feeling and idea about things.

Secondly, if you go to Kohistani areas, north of PAkistan, you would see people refraining their women from watching even News on Ptv. They do so because they do not want to allow their females to see a “Na-Mahram Mard”. Now females at my home watch news on Ptv and i do not mind it and i am sure many of you would also not mind them but if a Kohistani sees you like this, he would term you and me “Begherat” “Besharam” “Jahanam Ka Eendhan” and all that stuff.

So its time to get out of this stuff and behave. I feel sorry for Rana Sanaullah (Law Minister, Punjab) who stood on the Punjab Assembly Building and showed pictures of Salman Taseer and his son. Is this the politics we are heading towards ?? We should positively criticise the government. However, we the viewers should understand one thing. Its easy for PPP to start a campaign against PML-N leaders and their families. Intelligence is a federal subject and is under the federal government. It can ask the IB to sic the PML-N leaders and their families. But this would be wasting the money of the people to do something bad. IB should work for proper intelligence gathering and not for such a things.

Salman Taseer was a rich businessman even before becoming Minister and then Governor. And the Constitution does not bar anyone to enjoy his own money. He has the money so he is enjoying. I do not want to get into the truth or fakeness of these pictures but this is not a topic on which we should be wasting our time. People spend their time enjoying so that they can work the next day and we spend all our day commenting on those enjoyments. I have a humble advice to Rana SanaUllah “Go for positive criticism”

Personal character assassination will lead us no where

Thanks for the patience to read what i think