Revolutionary Government Servants – by Sheikh Sarmad

During the historic and revolutionary lawyer’s movement, we were promised economic justice and 50 percent reduction of all our problems including terrorism, restoration of democracy, swift justice, reduction in price hike and recipes to get rid of piles and cure of hyper tension. Great revolutionaries Hamid Gul, Qazi hussain Ahmad, Imran Khan, were sure signs of the promises of future backward to 7th century golden period.

Now the Revolutionaries are restored to their government Jobs and we see revolution unfolding from the opposition benches of Supreme Court. Now justice is available to everyone who can afford the fees of a few crore rupees or can pay diyat to the tune of few million rupees.

For the first time in the entire history of the world, revolutionaries vanguard is operating from the seat of government. Pasdaran e Inqilab now consists of media, mullahs and black coats. Allmost everyday we have historic judgements. Today we have recreated the golden era of early Islam. We now see the revival of justice when the khalifa of the time use to appear before the Qazi ul Qazat (chief Justice). But there is a minor difference as the Qazi was appointed by the khalifa e Waqt, but now the Qazis are appointing themselves, and preferably on adhoc basis.
The corruption from the lower courts has been eliminated. It is now practiced outside the boundaries of lower courts. The historic and revolutionary judgment to control sugar price at Rs 40 and privatization of steel mill is now the backbone of our economy.

We often hear that some unknown good for nothing submits a petition and our lord with woolen caps on their eyes swiftly form benches to hear these petitions. These petitions get the hearing at the first available date and the judgment is, you guessed it …against the sitting government. The honorable judges sometimes sit through the weekends to support the revolution. One great retired revolutionary judge who would accept lifafas from Revolutionay Sharifov brothers is still residing in the government bungalow in GOR to facilitate the smooth flow of revolution from GOR in Punjab.

The honorable judges are now the custodian of our honor, economy, opposition, executive, State bank, educational degrees and encroachment in Lahore. And god willing these revolutionaries would protect the ideological and physical boundries of Pakistan in near future.



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