Open Letter to CM Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. Where is your good governance in the IT Board Punjab?

By manfromaimc:
November 18th, 2008

I want to convey my complaint to Khadim-e-Aalaa Punjab, about Secretary IT, Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja who is also having additional charge of Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board.

Dear CM, since this person has taken charge of the Information Technology Board, almost 18 of senior officers have resigned and left the job, including General Managers , Project Director & many managers, only because of his humiliating attitude towards these senior people who are highly qualified and are asset for this nation. But dear CM, you can appreciate, there can be no output when there is no peace of mind, no respect for work and no dignity to one’s self.

PITB was formed as autonomous body, with pay are perks competitive to the market, to attract the talented and skilled professionals.

Dear MR. CM, if you see & compare the performance of PITB with the IT dept headed by Mr. Khawaja, you can very well judge how compitent and capable he is. How many projects they had and what kind of work they are doing compared to PITB.

Its actually people like him, who give reasons for downfall and ill repute of any govt. I think they are themself Non progressive and have some complex in their mind.

I would also want to say that is there any criteria to check the performance of such people or whomsoever is in good books of cheif secretary is qualified to hold a better post.

There must be some profiling abt such officers, some kind of feedback from their co-workers, about their attitude and behaviour and competence.

Running a department is very easy, as compared to running a hi tech organization like PITB.

I request you to personally probe into the matter and you can confirm all the facts.

Such people must be sent on some posts, where they have least public interaction and least nuisance value.

His personal repute can be asked from any of his colleague who is in secretariat , IT dept, finance dept or any other dept. You need not to go far.

Its my humble request, that he must be immediately removed from the post, and there should be a way that all the qualified and technical persons, who have left / resigned because of his nonsense attitude, should be brought back to the board, so that they can efficiently serve the people of Pakistan.



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