Death of autarchy – by R.A. Toori

George Orwell said: repression is the seed of revolution. The term repression is quite wide in its spectrum as it contains meaning of suppression, tyranny, exploitation, injustice, poverty, inflation and subjugation. All these are the motivating factors that contribute towards upsurge of people. A careful analysis of French revolution, Russian revolution and even Iranian revolution reveal the backdrop of these historic movements.

It seems that the current political developments in the Arab countries are nothing but a repetition of the history of France, Russia and Iran. The following lines by a poet simply reflect these ideas in a very beautiful way:

Zulm phir zulm hai, barhta hai tau mit jaataa hai (Repression is cruelty, destined to finish as it increases)
Khoon phir Khoon hai, TapkaY gaa tau ju’m jaayega (Blood is blood that must clot when spilled)
Khaak-e-sehra pe jamey yaa kaf-e-qaatil pe Jamey (whether staining the sand or sleeve of the slayer)
Farq-e-insaaf pe yaa paa-e-salaasal pe Jamey (Or staining justice or feet in shackles)

The current wave of agitation by the exploited people of some Arab nations and demonstration of their hatred towards the autarchy clearly indicate a demand for transformation from capitalism to socio-economic changes eventually leading to a system change.

Cracks in capitalism started appearing long ago when: Venezuela declared its tilt towards economic change, several US Institutions went bankrupt resulting in a great economic meltdown and finally when the Arab World took a stand against it. Even though imperialists, so called liberals and ex-leftists are terming these events as a small chunk of inter-society disarray or political upheaval yet they are well aware of the fact that change is no longer preventable.

One is amazed to see the temerity with which they dub this tide of change giving it different colors and different names. In fact the absurd statements by the godfathers of capitalism could not avert the threat that is just around the corner. These glaring examples cannot be relegated to minor defiance by the people but the beginning of a more formidable change.

The raising of voice by the Arabs is a severe setback for the bourgeois class. Revolt simmering in the Arab world could spread fast engulfing the entire world. It may rattle the post-colonial order, leading to logical culmination of this system. The most interesting factor in the entire tug of war is that from the very start, bourgeoisie were well aware that this system was not long lasting for it was founded on the basis of exploitation. However they were not expecting that proletariat belonging to a controlled and conservative society would hurl the first stone. Rise of working class among the civilized societies could not be outlandish but the rise of proletariat class from the established autarchic is indeed a final nail in the coffin of the eroded system of capitalism. It is rightly said that exploitation is the seed of revolution. Revolution is not restricted to specific regions; it is directly linked with oppression and could emerge in any part of the world.

The imperialists are frightened. Statements by proponents of capitalism show their paranoia—they are helplessly grappling for its survival. By hook or by crook they want to contain it, either by old bad ways to purchase media, influential figures of society or by winning the sympathies of masses. Capitalists once again want to get their dummies installed. They may succeed once again, like they did in Cedar revolution, Rose revolution or Orange revolution, but rise of working class in Arab countries would not be futile. The awakening of minds is much more powerful than awakening of bodies. The Arabs have learnt to snatch their right, they have learnt the skill to enter in the realm of leadership, and they have learnt to fight for their rights. All this is clear indication of Arabs’ awakening of minds, not just bodies. Revolution is not a one-act play. It may take centuries or even more to take roots, but once it plants itself firmly, it does not stop but erupts into ferocious waves of change that erodes everything. After all it is the struggle of living human beings.

This is neither the era of savage Tartars, nor the realm of Halaku Khan but we are living in a modern world, harboring values of civilization, culture, freedom of thought and freedom of speech. The Arabs had to rise and they rose. They have initiated it and now it is obligatory for the Muslim countries to fully support their cause.

Pakistan won its freedom after innumerable sacrifices and great struggle and we can never ever think of being poised against the freedom of any nation. It is their basic right and we stand with them against the autarchy of more than three decades. We are ardent supporters of any nation’s quest for freedom and human values what to talk of pursuits of our Muslim brotherhood countries. Islam does not permit containing masses and we strongly abide by our Islamic values and laws.



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