Response To President Zardari’s Washington Post Article – By D. Asghar

Editor’s Note:  We welcome the following critical post from our valued contributor. While we realize that the current PPP government is caught between the pincer of the military establishment and its media, judiciary and jihadi allies, its current inability to articulate its point of view is not doing it any favours. (Are the party’s media managers listening?) We also feel that the survivalist mode, while understandle to an extent given the crisis it has faced, needs to be evaluated and the PPP needs to revert to a bold stance and inject some fresh imagination and vision into its administration.

Dear Mr. President,

Yes Pakistan needs all of what you have mentioned in your recent article in Washington Post.  Without sounding argumentative, how much patience do you have in mind?

You are absolutely correct in pointing out that your dear wife, andthis nation’s one and only two time elected female, Prime Minister was gunned down by fanatic extremist. Sir, it has been almost 3 years, that your party has taken the office, yet the investigations into her demonic murder are moving, to say the least, at shamefully slow pace.

This in no way shape or form is a criticism towards your resolve, but there are certain moves, which are absolutely needed to set certain things and records straight. The case and its various twists and turns are just sending all the wrong signals to the wrong set of people.

Emotions aside, this is the mother of three of your precious children we are referring to.  Your critics ridicule all this and regard this as your inept style. Perhaps, I may be stretching this, but the wheels of justice have to move a bit swiftly and the nation and world can witness that injustice is not tolerated in Jinnah Sahib’s promised land.

The same goes for murderers who have brought down your dear friends Late Taseer and Bhatti. The murderers are gaining more footing as they know, the Government and the PPP led leadership is tangled with issues of all kinds. So besieged is the Government, that it is following the policy of appeasement towards the so called “religious right.”

The sad part is that, the people have started to speculate on the name of the next victim, who would (GOD forbid), be the next target of these misguided and crazy beasts. This has become an ironical joke.  The deafening silence of the so ordinarily charged media,  towards the death of your colleague Mr. Bhatti is so loudly telling the world, where Pakistan is headed.

The hopes were extremely high with you and your party, when it took reins of the bruised, battered and plundered Pakistan, after a decade of a dictatorial regime. I must say with a heavy heart, Mr. President, all those hopes have dwindled. If the progressive party like PPP is caving in to the demands of the religio-fascists, then may GOD protect
Pakistan, when the PML-N steps in for its innings.

Your initial flight after taking the office was pragmatic, but Sir very sadly, there has been a crash landing. Internally and externally Pakistan’s image has tarnished. Yes, Davis case has been played endlessly by the right for its nefarious agenda, but you are the ultimate man. The buck really stops at you Sir. The buck really stops at you.

The “international community” wants to deal with a leader, one on one candidly.  The dilemma of Pakistan is, that due to the long standing “military intervention”, that international community is used to dealing with a “Khakhi leader”, who they term as the “man in charge of Pakistan.” Please prove them wrong by showing them that a civilian
leader has a spine as well.    Otherwise, Sir it would be a great dishonour to the souls of Shaeed Mohtarma, Taseer, Bhatti and many, who we have lost for all the wrong reasons.



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