Pakistan Educational Task Force – A Public Service Message

 The Pakistan Education Task Force has launched the Education Emergency Pakistan booklet that shows a truer and newer picture of the long standing education crisis that affects this country.

Education Presentation Part 1

Education Presentation Part 2
The cost of not educating Pakistan is the equivalent of a flood a year, just as silent and deadly.  To put this into perspective, the total number of kids out of school in Pakistan is the equivalent of the entire population of Lahore.
One in ten children worldwide out of school are Pakistani. And this is not because Pakistan is poor, there are 26 countries poorer than Pakistan that send more children to school.
We have zero percent chances of achieving millennium development goals, whereas India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka who signed on at the same time as Pakistan will achieve their targets in 2015.
Budgets devoted to education have been declining, whereas all that is needed is a 50% increase in an already small spend to start seeing real results in two years.
We now spend just 1.5% of the budget in the areas that need it most.  That is less than the subsidies given to PIA, PEPCO and Pakistan Steel. Provinces are allocated funds for education but fail to spend the money.
NGO’s and donors are not the solution, despite what the media may seem to suggest, their money is a fraction of overall spend on education which is dominated by the state funding education. The economies of scale are just not possible otherwise.
Education cannot be solved by any one government, it can only be solved through a bipartisan process where everyone leaves differences behind to agree on this universal need crucial to Pakistan’s future. Most of all you, the citizen, must demand education. Have you ever met or asked your legislator for improved education? Well, then can you blame them for putting it low on their priority lists?
30,000 schools exist whose buildings are in such poor condition that they pose a threat to the safety of the students. Anyone who just read the previous statement will not live to see a Pakistan with universal education at current rates of progress if something is not done about it.
You can start now by engaging with the political process, by signing the petition to be presented to the Chief Ministers at the end of this month demanding more be done at



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