Veena Malik and a cleric – by Sangeen Khan

Indian conspiracy my dear; its all Indian conspiracy!

RAW has just turned the tables on Zaid Hamids. This is beginning of the end of the ISI’s project of inculcating pakistani nationalism, which was, given its inherent faulty composition, doomed anyway. The manufacturer didn’t for a while thought of the very obvious risk: that the nationalistic capsule composed of Mullah’s brain of aversive bitter taste, encapsulated in pretty faces of Maria Bees and Mehr Bukharis for palatable effects, may suddenly explode with an inadvertent chew of the urbanite guinea pig causing nausea and vomiting with all the euphoria, of hoisting pakistani flag on Dehli’s Red Forte, evaporating into air.

This “Indian hand” plan is brilliantly conceived; the execution only guarantees resounding success. On one side is the repelling face of the fuming and fussing Mullah. On the other, the heart wrenching spectacle: big tear drops rolling down the cheeks of an enchanting pretty lass getting all the guinea pigs urbanites up in a swivet; add a little more and “Shaheen Battalion” is up for a mutiny in all its ranks.

I suggest to Indians – do not delay in things which brooks no delay. This is just WTF moment of guinea pigs. Take all the Mehr Bukharis and Maria B’s to “Big Brother” one after the other and orchestrate this mutiny. And let Zaid Hamid exhort in vain that the “tears” were something planted, and treated with “hydrogen” by the “schemer Hindus”. That is not going to save him from the wrath of erstwhile guinea pigs whom he would take for a ride with celebrated impunity.



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