Amnesty International or Saudi ministry of disinformation



If you visit the Amnesty International web site, you will be overwhelmed by the slogans dominating its front page. One slogan cries out:

“Demand the safe evacuation of people from Aleppo.” Another one shouts:“Help us expose lies, demand justice & save lives in Aleppo.”

To its donors, the Amnesty International has been sending emails to donate for the people of Aleppo.

Does it sound familiar in the context of the Middle East?

No. Certainly not when it comes to the Yemenis who are facing extinction at the hands of the Takfiri monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Certainly not when it comes to the people of Bahrain who have been reduced to the status of slaves by another Takfiri monarchy: the kingdom of Bahrain. But Amnesty must save the “people” of Aleppo.

And who are the people of Aleppo, by the way? Apart from some photos and details that the likes of the BBC, CNN and Fox have been faking, there is nothing concrete that Amnesty can offer. “The Al-Qaeda” and ‘the Islamic State” do not appear in the canard that Amnesty has been pedalling as truth.

In April 2012, the Amnesty International released to its readers and donors pictures of “craters” in the city of Anadan claiming:
“Images from Anadan revealed more than 600 probable artillery impact craters from heavy fighting between Syrian armed forces and armed opposition groups.”

It went on to claim:

“Turning Syria’s most populous city into a battlefield will have devastating consequences for civilians. The atrocities in Syria are mounting already.”

And who was the source of the Amnesty International? The BBC, the usual suspect. And who was the source of the BBC? The BBC itself. No evidence was presented. The crater news disappeared in less than a week.

What the Amnesty International is doing now is what Saudi Arabia and its fellow Takfiris have been doing: Blame the victim by demonising them. Amnesty has not informed its donors and subscribers that in Aleppo if anyone has been defeated, it is the Islamic State. If anyone has won, it is the people of Aleppo, the Syrians. If anyone has celebrated the fall of the ‘rebels,’ it is the very people of Aleppo. If anyone has raved and rented at the defeat of the ‘rebels,’ it is the Takfiris and their Western allies.

Not even once has the Amnesty said that the ‘rebels’ are in fact Islamic State Takfiri terrorists. Whether its vociferous blaming-the-victim discourse has stupefied or will stupefy its donors and subscribers into giving it money is a matter that we are not aware of. But we can say with confidence that some of its supporter will reconsider their views about it. The money the Amnesty International wants to collect will be remembered as blood money just like the blood diamonds of Africa. The money given to the Amnesty International will be instrumental in shedding innocent blood of the civilians of Syria.