Fascinated to see the meltdown of the neo-liberal cheerleaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria


Is fascinated to see the meltdown of the neo-liberal cheerleaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS IN Syria. If they are not fulminating at Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley , they are busy abusing Fisk and Cockburn. I am not a fan of Fisk and neither are the many secular Syrian activists who support the (as yet) UN-recognised government.

The most important point is that inspite of having the mainstream media and many global opinion makers and leaders on their side, why are they so insecure?

These neo-liberals still have the current consensus of Washington on their side. In Pakistan, they are not only aligned with the current Billionaire Prime Minister but also his trillionaire GCC despot backers. Their views on the liberation of East Aleppo are in sync with that of Jamaat e Islami and ASWJ-LeJ.

The Pro Assad side has a few blogs, RT and PressTV.

On the other side are the luminaries and elites of MSM who have recently dismissed dissenting views and news as “Fake News”.

They have slick videos produced by the Al Qaeda affiliated White Helmets; who when they are not gruesomely beheading 12-year Palestianian boys on video, show themselves to be the 21st century reincarnations of Florence Nightingale.

Most importantly, they have the benefit of collective Amnesia. They can deny that the “Revolution” in Syria is actually a planned regime change- a policy that has even been publically articulated by high ranking Generals like Wesley Clark; diplomats like Ford may have been more coy about it all.

Neoliberals can blame the False flag chemical attacks on the Syrian government at the precise moment when the Government has itself invited UN monitors and when a previous false flag chemical attack had been called out.

They can do all this and get away with their prejudice just as Ken Roth of HRW; also a leading proponent of regime change, oops “revolution”. In 2014-15, Ken Roth blamed the recent victims of #ShiaGenocide in Pakistan due to their concern for their holy sites in Syria without the slightest tinge of irony given that Pakistani Shia Muslims have suffered similar attacks since 1963! This was when Bashar Al Assad might not even have been born!

And this is the pathetic individual who has mainstreamed Al Qaeda in Syria as “moderate rebels”

One can go on but to our esteemed Neoliberal/Neocon elites – you are on a winning streak and the loss of Aleppo by your beloved heap chopping, Salafist Al Qaeda rapists, oops “moderate rebels” was a small stumble. You don’t have to worry because the terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS are batting for you.

Thanks to all the sectarian hate that you and your Jamaati counterparts have spread in the print, electronic and social media regarding your “anguish on the fall of Aleppo”, a Shia mosque Imambara narrowly escaped a suicide attack a few hours ago. This was a day or two after your “narrative” on Syria was echoed by ASWJ-LeJ and distributed at some Deobandi mosques in Pakistan.

Congratulations – you nearly succeeded!



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