Proudly Contrarian to Deobandi Commercial Liberals – By Peja Mistry






One of the best facebook status written by Comrade پیجا مستری and this is also voice of my heart.I am sharing that status with Ghzal of Asadullah Ghalib.

گر خامشی سے فائدہ اخفاۓ حال ہے
خوش ہوں کہ میری بات سمجھنی محال ہے

کس کو سناؤں حسرتِ اظہار کا گلہ
دل فردِ جمع و خرچِ زباں ہاۓ لال ہے

کس پردے میں ہے آئینہ پرداز اے خدا
رحمت کہ عذر خواہ لبِ بے سوال ہے

ہے ہے خدا نہ خواستہ وہ اور دشمنی
اے شوقِ منفعل! یہ تجھے کیا خیال ہے

مشکیں لباسِ کعبہ علی کے قدم سے جان
نافِ زمین ہے نہ کہ نافِ غزال ہے

وحشت پہ میری عرصۂ آفاق تنگ تھا
دریا زمین کو عرقِ انفعال ہے

ہستی کے مت فریب میں آ جائیو اسد
عالم تمام حلقۂ دامِ خیال ہے


In the past three years I have “weakened” my “atheist”, “liberal” and “secular” credentials irreparably in the eyes of my desi liberal/atheist community on social media. Here are the reasons for this downfall:
1. Over the last three years, it seems like I am continuously supporting IK against NS. In my “grand wisdom”, I thought that a right wing fundamentalist leader who has been the direct beneficiary of the elections conducted under the auspices of Taliban is worse then the other right wing leader who is a lesser beneficiary.

2. Similarly I raised voice for Laal Topi Wala Maskhra, the great comedian Zaid Hamid when he was arrested by Saudi government. Now I see after being released from Saudis, he is back on the stage with more jokes. It would have been much better if he had been executed there and then we could use his dead body to boast our liberal credentials by carefully condemning Saudi government’s execution policy. Just see how ‪#‎KhurramZaki‬‘s death was used by the wise liberals.

3. If you look at my facebook/twitter timeline it seems like I am Shia, Ahmadi, Bralevi right-wing fundamentalist, in fact sometimes it even looks like I am a right-wing Catholic Christian always retweeting and sharing facebook status messages of these right wing groups. From Shia/Bralevi twitter accounts to FreeAsiaBibi my timeline is full of the messages on genocide of Christian, Shias and Bralevis.

4. And top of it I am a vocal supporter of sectarian “Shia” blog funded by Iran ‪#‎LUBP‬ whose editor was recently killed in a target killing in Karachi where every day dozens die in target killing. This sectarian blog has agenda against other sects Wahabi and Deobandi.

5. On the other hand I never raised voice in favor of our great comrade Raza Rumi who was attacked by “Taliban”. Neither I retweet and share status praising our liberals when they talk against Shia, Ahmedi and Bralevi molvis extremist views.

6. I lost opportunities to raise my liberal credentials, for example when Mumtaz Qadri was hanged, I could have got so many followers on twitter & facebook by showing how both Bralevi and Deobandi extremist are exactly the same and how Pakistan is finally becoming a “liberal state” as promised by comrade Nawaz Sharif by for the first time in history executing an extremist.

7. Similarly I missed the opportunity when fundamentalist molvi Tahir-ul-Qadri was invading Islamabad and his goons captured PTV building. It was the time I could have raised my voice and concerns for growing extremism in Pakistan.

8. And there are so many little but significant opportunities I keep missing, for example so much can be said against molvi Shirani’s women bill, I could make jokes that everyone can share without fear. Or I could write against growing sectarianism in Pakistan, during Moharram and Rabi-ul-Awwal I can write posts against religion and rituals that would give me valuable recognition as “true” atheist.

9. Last but not least I can discuss sexual freedom, which will get me instant young followers.

But unfortunately, I am a tunnelled vision, narrow minded fake liberal/atheist, who can not think beyond the deaths of few thousand sectarian victims. I am the one who keeps focussing on only “Deobandi/Wahabi” Islamists. Who keeps talking against Islamism and all its propagators including the ones who are apparently against Islamism.

And to make the matters worse, I keep talking against Raheel Chutoo gang which makes me unacceptable in the eyes of those whom sometimes I support.

فقیہہ شھر بولا بادشاہ سے
بڑا سنگین مجرم ھے یہ اقا
اسے مصلوب ھی کرنے پڑے گا
کہ اسکی سوچ ھم سے مختلف ھے