Benazir Bhutto, Why she was martyred? – by H.A. Khan

The month of December is felt as a very lovely month as winter season is in its full swing with a feeling of joys and happiness and with warm sentiments all around Pakistan. But 3 years ago we had witnessed this day to be remembered as the historical black day in the history of my country when the most beloved leader of millions hearts and masses was martyred in Rawalpindi.

Benazir Bhutto the BB Sahiba is always remembered as the most visionary and the courageous leader in the history of global politics. We cannot find a single example of a women politician with so much grace and vision whom had been greeted by the toiling and poor working class of Pakistan not once but twice as when she was welcomed by 1 million people in Lahore in 1986 and then by 3 million in Karachi in 2007. Such was the charisma and vision of great BB Sahiba and the warm connectivity of masses with her.

Our great Marxist teacher Comrade Dr. Lal Khan truly said that people didnt went to see BB Sahiba in Karachi rather than to make her felt about their miseries and problems with whom they were being faced at that time, further he said that the so called deal with US and Pakistan’s powerful power sections was torned by the masses under their foot on that day and that presence also had made BB Sahiba more courageous and more confident with her people.

Now today when i see that still investigations are going on and still PPP masses and workers are desperate to know about the names of the killers, it make me a bit surprise that why we are still not have the courage to say truth, having said that i know why BB Sahiba was martyred and some reasons can be given.

1- She was martyred because that so called deal was torned by the 3 million people under their feet on 27 Dec, 2007.

2-She began to radicalize and moving on that way of radicalization principles on which PPP was formed in 1968-69.

3- The slogans of socialism could be heard all over again.

4- People felt themselves to be empowered again with their strong determination and voices.

5- The US imperialism and powerful sections of Pakistan felt BB Sahiba as a threat to their imperialist and capitalist agenda.

6- She began to talk for the common people and their interests rather that the interests of imperialism.

7- She had refused to work for Imperialist and capitalist agenda and determined to take Pakistan towards the progressive nation.

8-She had refused to bow in front of the rigid and Islamic forces and shown strong strength to fight against the talibanization.

9- She had reiterated to clean the process of talibanization from the soil of Pakistan as she commented in her last speech in Rawalpindi.

10- She had told to take Pakistan as a great nation as the progressive nation with all power.

11-She had been changing herself with the lines of radicalization and to follow the footsteps and slogans on which PPP was formed in its true spirits.

I miss you a lot BB Sahiba and i know that one day the sun will rise with the light when those dreams and hopes will be fulfilled in their true spirits for which you and the masses of my country had seen together and sacrificed their lives together for this great mission.





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