The narcissists shed crocodile tears for Khurram Zaki after misrepresenting and betraying him while he was alive


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“I had a lot of disagreements with Khurram….. but now I am here to shed some crocodile tears, obfuscate his struggle and hijack his martyrdom”

This is the common trend observed about a section of elitist commercial liberals who have made a pretty profit in obfuscating core human rights issues in Pakistan. While Khurram Zaki was alive, they repeatedly misrepresented his bold discourse from his LUBP platform (

A message to these commercial liberals and their lackeys who suck up to the former to get jobs and mint money in the name of human and minority rights:

#KhurramZaki was the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP) – the blog you people abused, reported, “exposed”, and against which you joined hands with Tahir Ashrafi. You people kept disclosing identities of people associated with LUBP, you kept discrediting them to provoke them to stick out their necks and not use pen names.

At times, it was difficult to tell what you did better: Sell the blood of tens of thousands of dead Pakistanis or Snitch professionally against those at LUBP who brought to light your commercial and dishonest activism!

Khurram Zaki’s killers are Takfiri Deobandis, but you are equally responsible for his martyrdom, just as the law enforcement and intelligence agencies are for their selective operations and tolerance of Deobandi militant groups and their social media lobbyists who are not only anti-Shia but also anti-Sunni Barelvi, anti-Christian and anti-Army.

A few of you actively coordinated your hate campaign against Khurram Zaki and LUBP with Deobandi hate cleric Tahir Ashrafi

Khurram’s assassins were always out there to kill him and people like him, but you stood with Tahir Ashrafi and the ISIS apologist Ilmana Faish when you should have stood with Khurram and LUBP. You abandoned him at key junctures and when he was arrested along with his children for protesting against Abdul Aziz, some of you thought it better to lecture him on the rules of Choreographed Protests and Faux outrage.

You people still peddle fake Saudi-Iran proxy war or Sunni-Shia violence binaries, you support the narratives of Takfiri Deobandis and you refuse to even admit #ShiaGenocide and Sunni Sufi Genocide, let alone stand against it.

This is a time to mourn, and those of us who have been relentlessly targeted simply because of our names acutely feel this pain. Those of us who have lifted dead fathers, daughters, brothers and sisters into the grave after they were killed by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists can feel this pain more than most of you.

We know what personal loss means, and even at this hour of mourning, we have just one message for all of you: Damn you all! You have no right to even issue routine condemnations. He doesn’t even need your tokenisms, your crocodile tears and your tasteless attempts to hijack his identity and his cause!