Khurram Zaki’s tragic martyrdom has shaken all of us to the core



Khurram Zaki’s tragic martyrdom has shaken all of us to the core.. This is the official statement on his death. For years, Khurram Zaki had stood as a tireless crusader for the rights of Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Hindus and Ahmadis who are being targeted by radical Deobandi terrorist outfits.

In the last few weeks, there was a relentless campaign against Khurram Zaki and LUBP of which he was the editor. This campaign was run by a Deobandi extremist via a Facebook page, Mashal, that is affiliated with the Jamaat -e-Islami (Pakistani version of Ikhwan). Minutes after Zaki’s murder, Mashal’s Facebook page and twitter account were publically gloating.

Zaki’s increasing popularity across the ethnic, sectarian and religious divides in Pakistan were a huge source of concern to radical Deobandi groups whose hate and violence he had exposed. Khurram was not the typical elitist pandering to populist causes and was a man of the masses.

The targeted communities of Pakistan lost a major advocate today.

Please share this statement. The World must know that those activists who stand up to Takfiri terrorism are being eliminated.