Why is it important to criticize the denigration of women by Junaid Jamshed? – by Ali Abbas Taj

JamshedCriticism of Junaid Jamshed has provoked some questioning and remarks. The most important reason that hard questions should be asked of Junaid Jamshed is to do with his consistent denigration of women spanning many years. It is important to educate Pakistanis and especially Pakistani women that no society or nation can develop without empowerment and respect for women.

This is exactly what true Islam envisioned and in fact achieved, not just 1400 years ago but in many Islamic societies since then. Junaid Jamshed has is bent upon promoting a backward Saudi view of Islam where women should not drive or go outside. He is misusing cherry picked Qur’anic fragments to justify his false and misogynistic assertions, such as Allah hates women.

Nothing can be further from the truth as explained clearly with Quranic references by Khurrum Zaki. This false hate preach of women is of course very dangerous to the social development of the Pakistani nation.


Pakistan is great country where both women and men have a lot of potential to contribute to make it even greater. Let us not turn back the clock and turn it into the Bakistani prison for women.

The questions on social media can be summarized as follows:

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