Ale Natiq and Ali Arqam using their Deobandi comrades to implicate LUBP in a forged blasphmey and takfir campaign

Ale Natiq, and his new friends on the page Maslak-e-Deoband page, that he has most probably made through Ali Arqam Deobandi, try to be too clever every time but end up humiliating themselves and giving away their forgery and identity.

After Ilmana Fasih Deobani abused Imam Ali and Hazrat Fatima, Ale Natiq, a career activist bogged down to pressure from Beena Sarwar and Najam Sethi and deleted a status he had posted against Ilmana Fasih. When LUBP questioned Ale Natiq, he accused us of leading blasphemy charges against Ilmana and spread this lie against us only to hide his own opportunism, weakness and greed. Ale Natiq then also made a blog (Unmasking Traitors) against himself in which he called himself Deobandi, but was caught when one of the screenshots used in the blog showed his picture in the comment section, proving he had himself taken the screenshot. This has been illustrated in Aamir Hussaini’s post. Ale Natiq then took false oaths and in another act of desperation, quickly removed the snap from the blog carrying his picture. This false accusation of blasphemy against LUBP that Ale Natiq initiated was then carried by the Maslak-e-Deoband facebook page that forged several tweets and Facebook comments and statuses of LUBP editors and accused not only LUBP but all Shias of being Takfiris. However, while trying to be too smart, they once again proved that they are as dumb as Ale Natiq.

In one of the tweets by Ali Taj, while the forgers photoshoped the message, they forgot to change the date and the tweet still carries the date 21 Jan 13. This is a 30 month old tweet by Ali Taj that has bee forged with the Ilmana message. Ale Natiq’s new Deobandi friends like Ali Arqam are not only shameless, but also stupid.

However we like to ask Ale Natiq that what is he achieving by accusing LUBP with false blasphemy charges, that has now been picked by a Deobandi page that is accusing all Shias of being takfiris. Why is he helping out the Ilmana Fasis and Beena Sarwar lobby? This is how Ali Arqam Deobandi and his friends are making an ass out of Ale Natiq and using him against Shias. It should also be noted that Ali Arqam Deobandi has recently abused Imam Mehdi and compared him to Mullah Omar who had ran away from battlefield.

Whenever we have used public social media quote snapshots, those who have attacked us have never disowned the quotes. We clearly do not accept these poorly constructed forgeries by the Beena Sarwar team of Ali Arqam and Ale Natiq.

That Ale Natiq had to be substantiate a false allegation even if by forgery. Otherwise Ale was fast losing his credibility. So he and his colleague at Roshni finally started forging comments which were then attributed to Facebook accounts of LUBP supporters and contributors. All of these forgeries were linked to Maslek-e-Deoband. Maslek-e-Deoband, a fake account was used to not just promote these forgeries but also incite more violence against Shia muslims. On the very day when a Shia mosque was attacked in Kuwait.

The problem is that just like the forged website set up by Ale, these forgeries too had a devastating error. The comment attributed to Ali Abbas Taj and his specific mention of Ilmana Fasih was dated January 21st, 2013. But the events in question took place in June 2015. So either Ali Abbas Taj has access to a time machine or this is obviously a forgery. And given that all other comments are also linked by this Maslek E Deoband, then all of them are forgeries. And those promoting these forgeries are the ones who created them.






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