Careerist liberals vs LUBP – by Pejamistri

From Ali Arqam to Ale Natiq, as soon as careerist finds the job in Pakistani newspaper, the first thing he does is to ditch LUBP.

Every now and then LUBP creates such a panic in Pakistan’s Deobandi liberal mafia, that these liberals forget any’lliberalism’ and freedom of expression, even those ‘secular’ ‘atheist’ become Deobandi mulla for short period. From FBI to Taliban they plead everyone to catch these ‘thugs’ & arrest them, kill them or burn them.

Some of these ‘liberals’ will not settle lesser then FBI to catch these ‘thugs’.

Others will ask their Jamia Ashrafia/Banoria friends why they are not taking care of these ‘thugs’.

مجھے نوکری کی تلاش تھی
میں بن گیا سوشل ایکٹیوسٹ
بس مل گئی پھر مجھے نوکری
اور ھو گیا میں انفارمسٹ
Peja mistriPejataj