Iran must not even think about supporting the Taliban terrorists – Abdul Nishpuri

Iran must not even think about supporting the Taliban terrorists – Abdul Nishpuri


A Taliban soldier armed with RPG launchers controls unruly and angry refugees on the arrival of UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ruud Lubbers, 30 April 2001, at the Maslakh refugee camp near Herat, Afghanistan. More than 110,000 people who fled from drought and fighting have taken refuge at the overcrowded camp living in miserable conditions.  Lubbers, visiting the Iran-Afghan border, called 30 April for a ceasefire in Afghanistan where war and drought have left a million people facing famine.   AFP PHOTO/POOL

Pragmatic contacts are fine – e.g., to ensure security of ethnic and religious minority groups, counterbalance ISIS – but Iran must not even think about backing or supporting the Taliban terrorists

While it is hard to agree with the the implicating insinuations being reported in Western media, one cannot rule out that Iran may be trying to have some form of contacts with the Taliban to promote or safeguard its own interests in the region. Unfortuantely, such contacts if not managed carefully may have devastating implications for ethnic and religious minority groups of Afghanistan given that mostly Deobandi Taliban Pashtuns are against all other ethnic and religious groups.

It will be foolish of Iran to trust Taliban. And we hope the contacts are for something else. It is, however, a fact that at times, Iran overhedges the stakes, eg, its affair with Pakistani Deobandis instead of Sunni Sufis.

Overall, Taliban are a vile, intolerant, violent entity. Any kind of support or recognition to them will be a treson to the blood of millions of non-Deobandi non-Takfiri Afghans slaughtered by Deobandi Taliban.