Why Zardari and NRO are so important? – by Farhad Jarral


The Central Executive Committee of Pakistan People’s Party (CEC) and Sindh assembly have given their decision of full confidence and support for the President Asif Ali Zardari. Contrary to the wishes of some people this time Prime Minister Yousas Raza Gilani has also joined the camp of the President. Removing the home secretary  and the comments given by him to the media two days before  clearly show that this time all party members including the priminister are one voice to defend the party and the president who is currently the main target of the opponents. Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has said that if there are signs of bad day for the party he will defend his party. Our media and some other ‘well wishers’ of the PPP were thinking that after the NRO President Zardari will be all alone and finally he will give up and resign as a President of Pakistan and as a Co-Chairman of the party(some people were thinking that part will not support him).

But ‘unfortunately’ party is with him and whole Sindh parties including Pir Pagara and MQM have shown full support to the president. The other thing which is very important is that Asif Zardari is not an easy man to give up. He faced his cases which were mostly based on political enmity as stated by Nawaz Sharif that “ Saif Ur Rehman did that blunder”. The people who joined the Musharaf’s regime as a Patriot group now are as clean as if they are washed with ‘surf excel’ or some other ‘imported detergent’ but the people who kept their selves intact with Asif Zardari and PPP and faced the courts for 15 years are today as villain as at sometimes were Bhutto Shaheed and then Benazir shaheed. Today the people who opposing  Zardari and praising BB shaheed should think what they had done in BB’s life for her sometimes she was declared as a security risk and sometimes she was declared as a corrupt woman.

The problem here is not Zardari the problem here is not NRO. If NRO is the real issue then why we are not talking about the other 8000 beneficiaries. Even the Supreme Court of Pakistan during the NRO hearing targeted only the PPP members especially President Zardari. The actual problem for the people who have started all this game is PPP which talks about Bhuttoism and Bhuttoism talks about the rights of the poor people. Bhutto was hanged but his vision and his mission in the form of PPP is still present which is not acceptable to them. The people who hanged ZA Bhutto were thinking that they have finished the person and now no one would remember him but BB shaheed took the mission of ZA Bhutto forward and went to jails suffered exile but never kneel down to the establishment’s orders and wishes. Later on the same people who killed Bhutto killed BB herself too. The murderer of BB had once again thought that they had achieved their goal of scattering PPP but a person named as Asif Ali Zardari came forward and raised the same slogan of his great leaders “Pakistan Khapay” and kept the party intact.  From that day onwards Mr. Zardari was under target but the ‘secret hands’ were looking for a ‘good time’ to come so now they have found  that ‘good time’ and again they are trying their best to fulfill their life long desire of ‘end of Bhuttoism’.

If Zardari was so corrupt and unacceptable why the whole media was declaring him an innocent person (you can see that time newspapers) when he was in jail the media men who are leading the campaign against Zardari today were asking the previous government for his release. One of the leading media group had given him the title of “Mard e Hur”. Zardari did not left the country like the other “men of principles”. He faced the courts and faced the wrong charges for more than 12 years. It is not for the first time that PPP is facing the problems as said by the president the other day but there is a long history of ‘target killing of PPP’ since 1967 when for the first time someone from the civilian side brought down the “kings of Pakistan’ to the ground. It is clear from the statements of the President that he will not left the battle field without fighting. He is a fighter and he will follow the steps of the great Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and great Benazir Bhutto shaheed. President Zardari must remember the golden words of ZA Bhutto to the dictator Gen. Zia.. Zia said”tum agar mulk chor k jao gai to me tumhe azad kar don ga” the response of the Great Bhutto has been recorded in history as,”mai tumhari moochon(Mustache) se apne jootay ki tasmay(lace) banaoonga, mai mulk ka aik muntakhab wazir-e-azam(PM) hoon tumhara baap b mujhe nahi nikal sakta”.



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