To Tahera Ahmad: When will the Shia blood be worth as much as a diet Coke? – Ale Natiq


They tell me I’m not being objective. I’m being unfair on Tahera’s ‪#‎CokeTragedy‬, drawing wrong parallels blah blah. Well, yes may be. Yes, I’m angry and I am frustrated to see the fake champions of equality and the Ummah get united on petty issues but ignore massacres and systematic Halal discrimination and hypocrisy.

When we had coffins in our backyard none spoke for us. When we were bombed every Friday, none came in our support. When our processions were fired upon year after year, none said it’s wrong. When we were offloaded buses and killed because we could be identified by our names or facial features, none cried for us. When our families didn’t bury us and put our coffins on roads under rain for weeks, there was no outrage, instead they were blamed for disrupting traffic. When over a 1000 doctors and professionals were target killed because of their faith, none joined the wailing families in solidarity. We lifted 25,000 coffins and continue to die for being wrong kind of Muslim – still waiting for support from the Ummah. We keep dying for our names, our identity, our distinct culture and traditions and the Ummah continues to push us and our misery under the carpet enabling our genocide across the world. Why should we not be angry when all hell breaks loose over a can of diet coke? When will our blood be worth as much as a diet Coke? Will it ever be?