Saudi Arabia prepares to hang opposition Shia cleric amid large protests – Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji


If the same thing was happening in Iran, Pakistan’s Sufyani Liberals would be jumping up and down with righteous indignation – some of it justifiable too. But since Saudi stooge, PM Nawaz Sharif is the new “anti establishment” sponsor for Pakistan’s Nawaz-iyafta Liberals, there is no protest amongst these sections regarding the execution of a true anti-establishment dissident icon, Sheikh Nimr.

Sheikh Nimr boldly debunked the intellectually dishonesty “Iran vs Saudi” binary that is so often peddled by the Sufyani “liberal” intelligentsia – a binary whose sole objective is to reduce and objectify all Shias as Iranian agents and a binary that is often peddled even on CNN, BBC, HuffPost and Yahoo news.

Refer to Sheikh Nimr articulate debunking of this binary here…/x285pk0_ayatollah-sheikh-nimr-…

Those Pakistani Sufyani “liberal” Shia-baiters who intimidate and abuse Pakistani Shias into condemning all the morally questionable policies of Iran fall silent when it comes to Saudi Arabia. Most of them were conspicuously absent from the debate on whether or not Pakistan should support Saudi Arabia’s aggression in Yemen. In fact, some of these Sufyani liberals were miffed when Pakistan seemed more keen to protect Chinese nationals in Pakistan as opposed to Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen.

These are the same Sufyani Liberals who become Pro-Pakistan army when the same army recruits Baloch mercenaries to crush the pro Democracy movement in Bahrain. These are the same Sufyani Liberals who will advocate an Al Qaeda lead “democracy” in Syria but monarchy in Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait. These are the same Sufyani liberals who will stay silent on Erdogan and King Abdullah’s blatant hate speech against Shias.

After the Safoora Chowk massacre of Ismaili Shias by ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terror groups like Jundullah aka ASWJ-LeJ, these Sufyani liberals are at a loss because their despicable peddling of the dishonest “Iran vs Saudi” binary stands exposed.



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