PTI in Karachi: It is Punjabi business as usual – Laleen Ahmad


Other than the gullible idealists, upper middle class fops, and Ivy League dandies, everyone knew that Imran Khan’s “New Pakistan” was a metonym for the Punjabi Army-directed political stage show as usual.

It was a clever ploy hatched and executed by the ISI. The actors rented for the various dharnas and revolutions were Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri. The Army was in no way willing to get rid of the Sharif brothers, fellow Punjabis. The brothers the generals more than all other politicians put together. The purpose was to remind the ever naive, the ever forgetful, Nawaz Sharif about his place in the Pakistani food chain.

Imran Khan’s dharna and Tahirul Qadri’s revolution put Nawaz and Company in their proper place. As usual, Qadri left for Canada. Khan began to sulk. But he being an asset, there was no way the Army was going to let him, also a fellow Punjabi, go down the drain. Thus, the grand plan was set in motion. And this is how it will work now:

MQM will be irreparably whittled down in urban Sindh. It has outlived its usefulness. It was created to weaken the People’s Party. After Benazir’s assassination, the Party is a snake without its fangs—just a plaything. The sulking Khan has been lifted out of the slough of despondency. He will be compensated for his dharna services. Qadri has no demands to make. He has not made Pakistani his place of residence. He will continue to be a visiting professor in the ISI University of Punjabi Domination and Civilian Chaos.

Now the game plan is to compensate Khan in urban Sindh. The Punjabi Army has already secured the KP province. Khan the Punjabi and his elite Punjabi comrades are de facto rulers of KP. Now urban Sindh will also go to Punjabi politicians. Certainly, there will be Urdu-speaking politicians leaving the MQM and joining the PTI. There will be no dearth of Quislings in Sindh just like there has been no dearth of them in KP. Once urban Sindh is secured in the Punjabi/Army hands through Khan, rural Sindh will be the proverbial dog’s bone over which the People’s Party will fight with Sindhi nationalists. Thus, without firing a bullet, the Punjabi Army will have been able to reduce the People’s Party to a regional party consuming fellow Sindhis.

The most important factor will be the rise of Deobandi-Punjabi terror outfits like the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ). The ASWJ will be the hidden and not-so-hidden militant wing of the PTI. Its formidable firepower and the ISI backing will ensure non-Punjabis in urban Sindh will be crushed. In rural Sindh, the Punjabi ASWJ is already well-established where it will be the referee in the internecine Sindhi fights.

Baluchistan has already been contracted to the Punjabi Lashka-e-Jhangvi.

The picture will soon be complete and the Punjabi mafia will rule Pakistan’s every household, one way or another. If “New Pakistan” was a ploy, “New Sindh” will certainly be a reality. Or may be “New Sindh” will be the model for “New Pakistan”.