Deobandi clerics declare Jihad against secular forces in Pakistan – Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji


Pakistani Deobandi clerics, including Ludhyanvi, leader of banned Deobandi takfiri terrorist outfit ASWJ, declare complete war against secularism

On a related note, (Deobandi clerics declare war on secularism in Pakistan, ARY News) Deobandi cleric Sami ul Haq said that he is blind to sects. Perhaps he was saying that too much sects made him blind.

“Speaking in a session attended by 20 political groups belonging to Deobandi school of thought, Maulana Sami-ul- Haq claimed that terrorism has nothing to do with any sect.”

Just as long as that sect is Deoband. And is served on Shia corpses with a side order of Barelvi limbs and a pickled Ahmadi.

(Hajjaji is desperately trying to construct PG 13 puns on sandwich)

In a gesture of Supreme Irony, ASWJ-LeJ Supremo Ludhyanvi stated
“that if a single worker of his party will be found involved in anti-State or anti-Army activities, he will present himself before the law.”

Lucky for Ludhyanvi that the “law” is a place in Pakistan where his buddies Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi and “anti-establishment” and Pro Osama bin Laden “activist” Hamid Mir will rush to advocate on his behalf. Just as Ashrafi did for Ludhyanvi’s ASWJ vice president Malik Ishaq Deobandi. And where PCO Chaudhary remnants like Supreme Court judges Jawaad S Khawaja and Asif Khosa will feed him Marie biscuits dipped in tea – or Shia blood if the session is after Friday prayers.

It seems that Maulana Sami ul Haq and ASWJ Supreme Ludhyanvi have finally come out of the Vague Closet and no longer wish to be confused with or diluted amongst “Sunnis” “Islamists” “Wahabis” or “Na Maloom Afraad” (Unknowns) and prefer to be be referred to with their actual faith identity which is Deobandi. Bloody LUBP wallas were right all along.

Pakistani deobandi clerics declared complete war against secular forces