Deobandi and Wahhabi organizations are involved in religious terrorism – Shahid Ghuri (Sunni Tehreek)

شاہد غوری کا جلسے خطاب

Editorial note : “The Voice of Sunnis ” recently published on its offical page on Facebook an interview with Shahid Ghuri, the central leader of Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST), a political party of Sunni Sufis of Pakistan. The interview was conducted by the Voice of Sunni’s correspondent Muhammad Umar Tariq in Karachi. The interview is yet another evidence in support of our view about religious terrorism in Pakistan. Mr Ghuri categorically rejected any involvement of Sufi Sunni organizations of Pakistan including his party in terrorist and violent activities against Shia, Ahmadiyya and other sects and religious communities in Pakistan. We are posting the interview on LUBP with thanks to “The Voice of Sunnis ” .

Interview by : Muhammad Umar Tariq
Shahid Ghuri is prominent leader of Sunni Sufi political Party Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST). He was born in Hyderabad Sindh and he started political career from Anjuman Tulba Islam (ATI) a Sunni Sufi student organization then he joined PST in 1994 and soon he beame its prominent leader and close comrade of late Saleem Qadri founder of Sunni Tehreek. He is out spoken leader against religious and sectarian violence .We managed an exclusive interview with him on current political and social affairs in Pakistan particularlly after Peshawar incident new developments in cooridoors of Governments against terrorist menace. He cleared that Sufi Sunnis of Pakistan and their organizations are not against esxistence of any sect and school of thought in Pakistan and do not support violence against any sect or minority.

The Voice of Sunnis : Please tell our readers about that back ground in which Sunni Tehreek was formed ?
Shahid Ghuri : In 1990 our beloved leader Shaheed Saleem Qadri founded Sunni Tehreek as pure religious non political party for protection of Sunni rights and for awareness amongst Sunni youth against Kharjite and excommunicative takfiri ideology which were disseminate among them in the name of Sunni-ism and Jihad.Sunnis of Pakistan were seeing in 90s that in the name of Jihad and Islam in Pakistan Deobandi Wahhabi militant and terrorist ,sectarian organizations are pushing back to wall Sunnis and ocuupying their mosques and lands for seminaries.Then these deobandi Wahhabi terrorists organizations started to frighten and harrass Sunnis and tried to stop processions of Eid Milad and Urs of Sufi Saints.Unfortunately at that time there were such elements in political , military and legal establishments which were fully supported these takfiri deobndi militant organizations and paved way for formation of very powerful pro deobandi Wahhabi takfiri looby in state institutions even in our main stream media.Sunni Tehreek was formed in that context.We started our struggle for Sunni community in every field and saved our mosques , seminaries even our youth from going in control of deobandi wahhabis.
The Voice of Sunnis : Some circle blame of terrorism and violence against other sect and non Muslim minority on Sunni Tehreek and called it militant wing of Sunni Barelvi sect . How much this blame is true ?
Shahid Ghuri : (Laughing ) This is open lie and based on sectarian prejudice against us.Majority among those who call us terrorist wing are themselves either from deobandi Wahhabi terrorist organizations or from their apologists.We never support even any violent act against any sect or school of thought.Hindus celebrate Holy , Christian celebrate Christmas , Sikh celeberate Besakhi , Ahmadis , Parvazi and other perform their religious duties here ,we have no objection on them and we respect their right to practise their religion acoording to their beliefs and you can check our track records we were never involved in attack any religious procession or meeting ,rallies or cermonies of other sects or religions and never demanded to ban them but we are also victim of religious terrorism.Our processions of Milad , Shrines of Saints and our religious scholars and leadership were targeted. Even in Nishtar Park Suicide bombing incident our whole leadership was killed by deobandi wahhabi takfiri terrorist organizations. Our founding head Saleem Qadri was martyred by terrorists of Spiah Sahabah Pakistan and we have been lost hundreds of workers by deobandi wahhabi terrorists.
The Voice of Sunnis : State banned many orgainzations in past but soon they started again work with new names .Why your party and leadership raise this issue on national level and force to government not to allow this practics again ?
Shahid Ghuri : This is bitter truth that banned organizations are working freely in country and even some banned organizations with new names are in alliance with ruling political parties.For example Sipah Sahabah was banned in Mushraf era but it started again work in the name of Milaat Islamia which was also banned then it started work as Ahlesunnat Waljamat and that organization is mother of all deobadi terrorists organizations and responsible current Sufi Sunni and Shia genocide , target killings in Pakistan but some leaders of this organization is enjoying V.I.P protocol in Punjab and in Sindh.We can just protest and raise our voice at this slack attitude toward war against terrorism and patronge of such banned organization.We can not raise arms because we are democratic, peaceful people not militants having no suicide bombers for imposition of our demands.
The Voice of Sunnis : Are you satisfied with current developments made by Government after Peshawar tragedy ?
Shahid Ghuri : We are not still satisfied with Government,s action against terrorism because we are still seening that federal and provincial governments black mailed by those elements who are supporting and sympthizers of takfiri terrorists.You can see that when civil security , intelligence and legal apparatus tried to go after those religious semineries of deobandi Wahhabis then federal and provincial governments suspended that after black mailing of deobandi Wafaqulmadaris and other deobandi wahhabi political parties.Banned organizations with new names like ASWJ are freely working .