How both the Right and the Left become apologists for the Takfeeri Deobandi Taliban


There are two camps of apologists for Deobandi excommunicative fascists.

Whenever some barbaric and fascist act shocks the masses of Pakistan and threatens to channel the outrage against the Deobandi excommunicative fascist perpetrators,  an active propaganda campaign is unleashed.  The obfuscators and propagandists swing into action to deflect attention away from the binding Deobandi ideology of not just the Taliban/ASWJ-LeJ/Ahrar/Jundullah militants but also their nurseries like the Lal Masjid and the larger network of Wafaq ul Madaris al Arabiya and Jamia Binoria.

The right wing apologist camp consists of Deobandi and Wahhabi  writers, journalista, anchors , columnists , political workers and clerics. This group never condemns or rejects Deobandi excommunicative ideologies and organisations.  On the contrary, their apologist stance is filled with ” ifs ” and ” buts” and they attempt their best to decrease the intensity of outrage at the barbaric acts of Deobandi excommunicative terrorists organisations like the Taliban and ASWJ-LeJ.  This group of apologists have the following narrative:

That after 9/11, the military establishment under General Musharaf took a U-Turn on its policy of Strategic Depth in India and Afghanistan.  The Taliban and the various avatars it uses are simply “misguided brothers” who feel “abandoned”.  The subsequent acts of terror are just their (Taliban’s) way of venting their frustration. Deobandi religio-political parties like the JI, JUI F, JUI S as well as PML N and PTI maintain this narrative.  The PML N goes far beyond its apologist role and is actually complicit with the Deobandi terrorist organisations.

With the exception of PTI which at least condemned LeJ, the other groups have no regard for the Sufi Sunnis , Shia, Christians , Hindus , Ahmadis who are routinely targeted by these groups.

In reality, the military establishment mostly played a double game – especially under the former COAS General Kiyani when Deobandi terrorist organisations were allowed to operate with complete impunity – even when they relentless targeted the military itself. The current military operation has really been the most serious one so far – which is not saying much and has slowly expanded to the urban centres of the Taliban in cities like Karachi.

While the former JI president, Qazi Hussain and even Fazlur Rehman have been targeted in warning attacks by the Taliban for not being consistently ardent supporters of the Deobandi terrorist groups, the PML N leadership has been the most favoured by the Taliban. Then again, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Chaudhary Nisar have been the most ardent supporters of the Taliban since the 1990s.

The other camp consists of fake liberals, jaded communists and Marx-quoting NGO leftists who rehash the older statements of some nationalists like G.M.Syed, Wali Khan and Ghafar Khan.  They misuse these rehashed statements and other elements of the Left to construct an apologist narrative for Deobandi excommunicative terrorists and their ideology.  Even as they pose as the opposite to the afore-mentioned Right wing, this (fake) Left-liberal camp also engages as sophisticated apologists for Takfiri Deobandi terror groups. They deny the ideological and historical elements as well as the evolutionary process of the formation of Takfiri psyche within Deobandis. This group of apologists deny the existence of such phenomenon like Deobandi excommunication and terrorism as its byproduct.

Some limit their discussion to the strategic depth policy adopted by military establishment during 80s, while some call it a result of war on terrorism and the joining of Pakistan in that war as the ally of the Capitalist western block. This camp shares an eerily similar apologist behaviour with the Deobandi Wahhabi right winger apologist camp – in that both either deny or altogether deliberately ignore the crucial role of the specific Deobandi ideology that rationalises terrorism.

Thus both camps exist to provide a  way for deobandi excommunicative terrorist organisation to operate with impunity.  They both devise excuses for the barbaric and fascist acts of terror groups and for the moribund and shaken ideology of these militant organisations.

The leftists and Marxists apologists for Deobandi excommunicative terrorists are worst than the right winger Deobandi Wahhabi apologists.  These fake leftists are destroying the left movement from within.  The worldwide Left movement has been built over decades of resistance to Fascism including excommunicative fascism – In Pakistan, this movement has been hijacked to stand in solidarity with and provide a platform to Deobandi excommunicative fascism.

In this so-called Marxist camp, we find barely concealed (Deobandi) sectarians who misrepresent the reactionary and retrogressive Daruloom Deoband and its founders as some sort of anti imperialists and progressive socialists while deliberately ignoring their Takfeeri tendencies.  A distorted and selective historical account glorifies  Syed Ahmad , Ismael Dehlvi , Mufti Mahmoud Hasan, Obeidullah Sindhi and others who shared excommunicative ideology.  Some of them are re-branded as “anti-imperialists” against the British even as their violence against fellow Indians is conveniently forgotten as is their vicious bigotry against Sunni Barelvis, Sufis, Ahmadis and Shia as well as  Non-Deobandi Wahhabis.

While some of them used leftist and socialist narratives as tokenism to forward their own theocratic agenda – in the main, they were against progressive social thoughts (barring the exception) and apposed modern science and social sciences.  Furthermore, their battle against colonial invaders and East India company type masters was NOT based on opposing imperialism. It was simply based on opposing those muslim sects who had culturally acclimated to the indigenous South Asian culture. It was based on competition for power and for implementing harsh totalitarian orders.

They also opposed the assimilation of moderate muslims in modern education systems as well as the bureaucracy as this deprived these theological fasciats from potential corridors of power.They stood not for modern socialist transformation of capitalism but for returning capitalist transformation to the old feudal mode where power would be concentrated in the hands of militant and fascist theocratic demagogues.

Many of these demagogues positioned themselves as “Reformers”.  Unfortunately, the “reforms” by Wahhabis in Nejd (modern day Saudi Arabia) and the Deobandis in South Asia (modern day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh” were intent on replacing – with violence- a muslim ethos that was built on centuries of inclusive philosophies.  These reforms resulted in pogroms against Sunni Barelvis, Sufis and Shias in both these areas.  Similary, there is cross pollination between the Wahhabi and Deobandi schools of thought.

Today, those “secular sectarians” who are are distorting historical facts and wiping out the narratives of the other under the guise of Marxism while projecting current Deobandi excommunicative terrorists movement as an anti capitalist imperialist movement are the foot soldiers of Fascism.





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