Shahid Masood’s Conspiracy theories on Peshawar Massacre symptomatic of anti-Hindu bigotry

Following the tragic aftermaths of the massacre of school children by the Deobandi Taliban, the denialists and obfuscators are in full flow. One section of Pakistani “liberals” and “civil society” are aligned with Saudi-funded Takfiri Deobandi groups (Wifaq ul Madaris Al Arabiya) whose protests against the Peshawar army school massacre ducks the Deobandi identity of the Taliban murderers. Another group of apologists and deniers are engaging in the typical blame game.


Dr. Shahid Masood falls in the later category.  In his pathetic efforts to deflect outrage away from the Deobandi Taliban, he makes the bizarre assumption that since the Taliban burnt the schools principal, they are somehow Hindu and not muslim and by implication are RAW agents! Dr. Masood’s conspiracy theory is ludicrous as the fringe practice of Suttee has been outlawed due to reform movements nearly two centuries ago! This assumption by Dr. Masood is the typical chauvinist and uninformed bigotry against Hindus.


This conspiracy theory is the typical apologist to deny extremism amongst muslims.  Just last months, a Christian couple were burnt alive on the hate speech by a Deobandi mosque! Similarly, Christians were burnt by mobs who were incited by Deobandi groups in Gojra in 2009. The Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ-LeJ (formerly known as Sipah Sahaba) burnt down a Christian locality, Shantinagar in 1997.  All these acts of burning innocent human beings were done under the auspices of the PML N provincial and Federal governments in Punjab, Pakistan.

Engaging in conspiracy theories will not change these facts.