Army vs politicians…..who is the winner this time? – by Faiz Aman

Posted By: Farhad Jarral

The cases of corruption against the politicians have been started once again as according to the plan of the forces who are against the democratic process in Pakistan since 1958. Once again same situation and same ground has been decorated as it was in the 90s. In those days the politicians were mainly used against each other but this time the ‘secret hands’ have used one other weapon that is the media. One media group is using all its resources(including the secret funds..) to prove to the people of Pakistan that the politicians are corrupt and they are the main reasons of the poverty, extremism, unemployment, robbery and all those things which are the causes to the downfall of the country since 1947.

Will all the problems b solved if these 34 politicians are trialed? These politicians doing corruption within the 20% of the total budget while 80% goes to the other end. What about that 80%…is it goes into the safe hands? Why we are not asking for the accountability of that 80%..The establishment and the secret hands this time are providing same fund of 1990 to the media to provide a colorful ground for the undemocratic forces to take over once again. Army was never happy with the political system to get roots in the country whoever in the history has tried to rule the country or whoever has tried to ‘dictate’ the army  he or she has been thrown out. Nawaz shareef in contrary to the general Musharaf ‘s will of conquering kargil talked with India and pulled the army back to start dialogues with India.

This disgraceful act of  Nawaz shareef was not acceptable to the army and in 1999 not only his government was abolished but also his life was put in danger. The political forces talk of dialogues with India whenever they come into the government. They want trade with India in contrary to the wish of the army to engage their forces in continuous state of war with India. They know if the relations with India are resolved then there will be no justification of eating the 80% budget of the poor people of Pakistan. Today the civilian government of people’s party once again is talking of good relations with India and the statement of the president Zardari in which he said “ there is no threat to Pakistan from India” once again disturbed the mood of the army; the wish of the army was fulfilled in the form of Mumbai attacks. Story doesn’t end here the relations between civil government and the America is the other cause of anger of the army. First time the American government has singed the deal with the civilian government bypassing the army. The aid given to the army is also through the civilian government. How the army accepts such a big blow from a civilian government.

Their precedents during the Afghan war and after swallow billions of rupees without any accountability or without showing a single penny to the civilians. The army has always liked the parties who work under them or those who follow them. People’s party has a history of fighting against all the three dictators how they kneel down to their orders. The anger of the army first became public after the kerry Logger Bill was announced. The bill says that army will remain aside from the democratic system; means army will not interfere in the political system. But if someone has a track record of keeping all the powers in his hand how he can see himself  be sidelined. If you have noticed from that day onward the president of Pakistan Zardari is under target.

I am still not blaming the army because it is their ‘duty’  to do so but what about  the politicians.. what PML-N is doing? They have not learnt a single word from the history. They know what is going to happen in the coming days but they are consciously supporting the ‘secret forces’ they might be thinking that if peoples party is thrown out they have a chance of getting 2/3 majority in the elections. They are blaming each other they are asking Zardari to resign.

They are showing to the people that they are incapable and they do not have the qualities to be responsible politicians. Suppose the government of People’s party is thrown out and some other parties(suppose army does not come) like Nawaz Sharif comes into power. Will he be allowed to work properly by the people’s party? The answer is a big no. Again the same game of war of tug will start and same situation we will be facing as we have faced in 90s. The politicians especially PML-N has a role to play now if they are sincere to proceed with the democratic culture in the country. Court decisions will not make the democratic process strengthen; if someone thinks that if some people are punished system will be ok it is not possible at all.

The politicians here have to have a consensus this time. They have to realize that the establishment is using them badly and they are doing according to their wishes. Removing Zardari by any undemocratic way will be very harmful for the democracy and even for the integrity of Pakistan. We should listen to the remarks of the coalition party representatives after the sindh assembly resolution of confidence on Zardari. People’s party will definitely use the Sindh card if it is thrown out. Already Balochistan is angry sarhad is under fire can we afford sindh to be angry?…at the end who will be the winner……??



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